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Strictly Black Tie

Oh boy! I feel so honored to be part of such a special occasion, but the first thoughts I had when I found out that I have been invited to report on the Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Awards were what hair, which lipstick, hose or no hose, and more importantly, which dress? The fact that the event is "strictly black tie" makes it even more intimidating. What is fashionably or unfashionably black tie these days? Is it always strictly a black, below the knees dress for women and don't they know that it is too cold nowadays to wear a strappy dress outdoors?

Will you help me choose?

Option 1
Black strapless, down to the floor flowy & laced-back number (may run the risk of it falling off unless I glue it down!)

Option 2
Black strappy, above the knees full skirt, cross-front and nipped at the waste (one that has stood the test of crazy nights of dancing)

Option 3
Black shimmery lace over lavender, down to the floor, low back (I won a dancing competition in this so I believe it brings me luck!)

or the last Option (4)
Black satin, down the the floor, spaghetti straps, tight(!) with slight flair at the bottom, laced back (wearing this means sucking everything in ....)

What is your favorite outfit for a formal occasions? Any tips on what to do with hair, accessories, etiquette etc, please please share your wisdom.

The purpose of the Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Awards is to "choose the Dutch fashion design label most likely to succeed in bringing its label onto the international market. The winner of the Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Award will receive a financial reward of 25.000 euro which will enable the label to take further steps in the international fashion industry."

More Details About The Event To Come Soon...

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), dutchfashionawards.com

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Kate Monoi said...

Option 2 sounds like the one! Will you be dancing that evening?

La Belette Rouge said...

I am never a fan of strapless or a dress that requires you to suck it all in. I'd go with the dress that you won in. And, lucky you. This sounds like a great event.

Tricia said...

I was thinking the 3rd also, but #4 sounds very sexy! If it's a long, sitting down, standing up night, go with the more comfortable dress.

Anonymous said...

option 3 for me :) Sounds beautiful and doesn't run the risk of falling to the ground and no need to suck it all in :)

It's nice to see you again dear, I've been MIA for awhile and now I'm back

By the way, congrats to be invited to the event. Take more pics and share with me :)))

shopinchic said...

I am so happy that you were invited to the event!

Personally, I would go for option

Seeker said...

Oh :( I'm so sorry I got late...

But I'm so sure what you've chose made you look gorgeous!!!