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Orange Babies

Looking back at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week now long gone (11th edition), my all time favorite show had to be the one put on by Orange Babies.  Enthusiastic displays of dance, fashion, song and makeup artistry wowed audience who were totally immersed in awe.  You can see in the photos below that all of us could not take our eyes off of what was infront of us.  Not to mention the divinely handsome men that marched out in the first section of the show!  I hope you enjoy these photos and that somehow they manage to convey a tenth of what a spectacular evening it was.

Orange Babies is not a clothing label (although there are shirts with their logo on it).  But rather, they are an organization established by Baba Sylla (1st photo) and John Kattenberg (the famous Dutch makeup artist and founder of House of Orange) to raise awareness and financial support to mothers and their babies affected by the HIV/AIDS virus in Africa.  Their influence in the fashion, sport, music and art scenes has brought and continues to bring real help to those in Africa through organizing fundraisers and various events.  

Please contact Orange Babies for more information.  For donations, please click here.

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), Orange Babies

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