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Upcoming Collection: MAC Neo Sci-Fi

A collection due to come out this summer from MAC; Neo Sci-Fi. The warm tones and what appears to be sheer textures of this collection, packs more of a punch than the other collection with neutral shades from earlier this year; the MAC N Collection. The orange sickle-colored packaging reminds us of the already famous and attention grabbing of the CoverGirl's Lash Blast mascara!

But wait, this collection is more than just neutrals for the summer! The nail lacquers incorporates beach-ready and tan-flattering brights in blue, coral and yellow! There is even a trio of skin treats to take care of the drying effects of the sun: a Charged Water (re-promote), Lip Conditioner/buffer & Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (pictured below).

Credits: Specktranet, for-the-love-of-beauty


Everyday Minerals - Fresh News!

I'm actually excited about the packaging of a product for a change. Along with their newly transformed website (still in the testing phase, but will boast plenty of exciting features), Everyday Minerals will be launching a new travel jar to house your favorite mineral makeup for traveling with.

These jars look like they have the same concept as the Philosophy The Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas. I can see them work for mineral foundations, light-colored blushes and highlighting powders. However, I do worry that they may not work well with my clumsiness! I guess I will have to try them for myself.

Since these will only be available in limited quantities, so grab some before they're all gone!

Credits: everydayminerals.com, philosophy.com


Brand Focus - The She Space

an already extensive range of mineral cosmetics (especially the choice of eye shadow pigments),
The She Space has recently added yet another product that is one of its kind: The Pigment Bar.

The Pigment Bar takes things a bit further by letting the artist in all of us take charge! The concept is simple and fun; first choose a "Ready-to-wear Velvets" (base shade), then customize that shade if you wish with a pearl, iridescent, or sparkle finish. The Velvet bases come in many choices from the bare minimum shades of pale nude, all the way to purples, greens, and blues.

I stopped by their new chat forum to get a chance to talk a little with Heather, the creator of this company, and also to see what all the buzz was all about. So I thought that it may be interesting for those out there who are pigment enthusiasts like me, to hear what I learned during my chat with Heather. These are a lot of great information here, so enjoy!

My Question:

I asked Heather what her best sellers/most popular colors are from her makeup line. I really wanted to know what her most popular shades were and what shades I should be adding to my collection! To help you get an idea of what the colors were that she mentioned, I have added pictures of the colors in their order of appearance. Enjoy!


".. for the face......the highlighters and blush always do well when people try them, but with so many eye colors, I think that my clients forget they are there sometimes! LOL! Champagne Moon, Morning Dew, Blush and Glow, and Personal best and Passion Dance are incredibly universal colors that do really well from these groups!"

"Now..the fun part...the eyes....and this whole thing is a phenomenon to me....in germany greens and blues of ALL kinds do exceptionally well.....in Denmark and the Netherlands I sell loads of purples and browns.....Singapore and that part of the world loves the lighter more sparkly shades.....Japan, Mayalsia and Indonesia the same thing....Italy and France seem to try a bit of everything.....Croatia, Sweden, Netherlands and Israel....anything goes! I could go on and on....LOL!!!!!! I just think it is amazing how certain countries tend to gravitate to groups of colors! How cool is that??? Here in the USA.....anything neutral is a sure thing and then there are clients who would never wear brown and do everything in the rainbow!!! It is just way too fun to have the opportunity to see what you all do with these colors once you have them! Some top sellers that come to mind:

Touched by Truth
Moonlight Whimsy
Crushed Metal
Chasing Mystery
All of the black diamond dust liners
Swim with the Fishes
Twisted Psychic

Decadent Day Dream
Rocked by love
resisted anxiety
Rockin Egyptian
Far too Fabulous
Voluntary mayhem
Can't hide from Karma

Save the Trolls
High Drama
Demon Chatter
Gothic Glamour
Boogie on Man
Kiss the Frogs ...."

Credits: theshespace


Q & A - Everyday Minerals & Meow Cosmetics

Reader's Question:

" hi! i came across your post (blogger) and saw that you've tried both meow and edm. i'm currently using meow (pampered puss) and i don't really have anything negative to say about it except that it dries my skin at times. i just want to ask how edm compares to meow and which one of the two has a "creamier" finish. which of the two do you like best? and, which of the edm formulas do you suggest i try? thanks in advance! :) "

My thoughts:

Hello! Thanks for your question. (I thought that I would share this in a Q&A, since I have previously received similar questions as this.)

I have to say that I love and use the foundations from both Everyday Minerals and Meow Cosmetics. However, I do choose which one to use based on a few things. I will choose the formula to use on any particular day based on the condition of my skin, weather, and what I will be doing.

In general, on days where my skin needs extra coverage, and if I have the time to spend on blending, I will pick up my Everyday Minerals foundation. The two formulas that I like the most from them are matte and semi-matte. They both have a creamy-feel and give great coverage. Their intensive formula is too intensive for me though, and their original glow formula looks too glowy for my liking (I feel that it emphasizes pores and lines). I know that if I use their foundations, I will need a touch-up with a blotting powder later on in the day.

On my lazy days, when I don't feel like I need or want a lot of coverage, and, if I know that I will not want to touch-up too much, I will reach for my Meow Pampered Puss foundation. This powder is finely milled so it gives a little less coverage in comparison (you can apply more layers to achieve better coverage). It also feels slightly more powdery-dry (in a good way). I like it for its lightness and for when it is warmer outside. I have not tried their Flawless Feline foundation (intensive coverage), as I prefer a buildable formula.

During days when I have that extra time, I will use different colors and formulas of foundations from both brands together! I may use the semi-matte Everyday Minerals foundation as a base and top that off with the Pampered Puss Meow foundation. This combination gives my skin the coverage and the makes my skin look refined!

Since both companies sell samples of their foundations, it is a good idea to take full advantage of that. I personally feel that foundations that have a matte or semi-matte finish, as opposed to the glowier ones, are more user-friendly. I think the skin looks better if you do 'spot-glow' instead; that is, use a glow product on selected parts on your face where you want a sheen. Just remember to moisturize your skin well before applying your foundation and be sure to give the moisturizer/primer the time to soak in (this may help you with the drying problem you are experiencing).

I know that both Everyday Minerals and Meow Cosmetics have a huge fan following. So feel free to share what you think about their foundations in comments!

Credits: Grayburn


Climax Lasting Gel UV Foundation

This foundation from Shiseido's Maquillage line is designed to be worn during Spring and Summer time. I have yet to try this foundation, but feel the need to write about it as I am intrigued by its name. Maybe it should read 'Climate', rather than 'Climax'? Sex sells. If this foundation has the ability to last through em...., you know, then I'm pretty sure that it will sell!

Reading through reviews from people who have tried it, they suggest that it has quite a dry finish. This Climax Lasting line also includes other items such as the compact foundation and a makeup base.

Credits: Shiseido


Fashion, Cosmetics & Home Decor

We have observed fashion power houses such as Chanel, Zara, Paul & Joe, Calvin Klein and, the more recently, Thierry Mugler, expand their markets by dabbing their fingers in cosmetics and home decor. Somehow these fashion designers feel that not only should we wear their designs on our bodies, we should also be wearing them on our lips, lashes, couch, etc. etc.

If you have ever seen pictures of Donatella Versace (of Versace) in her own home, you may have noticed that the pictures look overcrowded . In her pictures, she would most likely to be wearing her own design of shoes, dress, lipstick, sunglasses, and sitting on a chaise lounge adorned with Versace pillows. That room where the picture was taken probably smelled like Crystal Noir. It is simply an explosion of Medusa heads, gold leaves and extravagance.

Not only do I think we will see more fashion designers follow in her footsteps, I think we will see the trend going the other way as well. How eager are we to wear clothes branded with MAC or bathmats labeled H&M? Will we all rush to our local MAC store, to purchase sailor shorts from their Naughty Nauticals collection, or eat with silverware that are numbered?

Credits: Grayburn, Chanel, Thierry Mugler, Versace, Zara, H&M, Paul&Joe


How Are You Today?

Mood: Recovering from a flu but feeling quite content

Munching On: Katja Fruit Delicious

MAC Creations in MV1

Nail polish:
Essie in Ballet Slippers

Music: Duffy Syrup & Honey

Lips: MAC in Snob with Lumiere lumi lips in One & Only

Nars Multiples in South Beach

I Want: Heated eyelash curler wand

Weather: Another beautiful sunny day in Amsterdam!

Dressed in an organic cotton dress and heels

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Not An Ordinary Skin Treatment - The Garra Rufa

How far would you actually go to achieve smooth skin? With all the available products out on the market, it seems that we are still saying that they are not enough!

The Garra Rufa fish or the 'nibble fish' are small fish from Turkey, who feed off of dead skin cells. This method of 'exfoliation' has been used by the locals to treat psoriasis for some time now. The trend has spread to many parts of Asia where clients of these "fish spas", sit on the side of the pool (filled with the Garra Rufa), with their bare feet in the water, drinking fruit cocktails. According to those who have experienced this 'unique' treatment, the session which last for about 15 minutes (it is all you need) does not hurt because these fishies are toothless. Apparently 15 minutes is all you need with these fish to reveal smooth, baby-bum soft skin!

I am on the border on this one. I like the idea of not having to use scrubs and exert the energy of scrubbing my feet to rid dead skin cells, however, I am really not sure about being tickled by a school of 20 fishies. Though if you would like to see for yourself, there is a video here.

With the warm weather approaching, how do you plan to prepare for the sandal season?

Credits: youtube, daylife


Product Focus: Majolica Majorca Brow Customize In Sword Cut

Those of you who may have read my post about the importance of having well-groomed eyebrows in "The Beautiful Brow", might have detected my underlying love/obsession for great products designed for the eyebrows. On days when I want to make-believe that I'm not wearing any makeup, I secretly always have my eyebrows done!

In that post, I realized that I had only mentioned one of my favorite eyebrow crayon but did not formally introduce you to it. Meet Majolica Majorca's (MM) Brow Customize in Sword Cut. Out of all of the different styles available from MM (i.e. sword cut, super slim & powder), my favorite has got to be the sword version. It features a slanted automatic tip which requires no sharpening and the formula is the right consistency (not too soft, creamy, dry or stiff) to fill in the brows easily and naturally. The eyebrow crayon refill is sold separately from the holder (which has a spool on the other end, see picture), which I think is an added bonus. Since MM is a Japanese brand under its big sister, Shiseido, the shades available are unfortunately only suitable for those with medium-red to light-black hair.

Now, the reason that I am telling you this is because I have recently become friends with a makeup artist, who is not shy about giving me makeup advice. I actually do really enjoy constructive criticisms. We were having drinks at a posh bar, when my friend suggested that I darken my eyebrows. So, because of him, I have now moved onto the darkest of the available MM shades (in BB680).

What is your favorite eyebrow product (please reference your hair color!)?

Since MM is not widely available outside of Asia, those of you (and me) who are interested in this product can find it on many online webshops. The holder plus the refill cost me about 10 euros, shipping included.

Credits: Grayburn

More Reads: Everyday Minerals

Just giving a heads-up to those of you looking to read some more information about Everyday Minerals.

A great blogging friend of mine from Hungary has recently written a stellar post '(The Long Awaited Haul) Fourth Everyday Minerals Haul + Swatches. Show Izar some love and do check it out!

What is your favorite Everyday Minerals product & color?

Credit: Grayburn


A Little On The Cosmetics Convention & A Lot Of Online Fun

Just dropping by to say a quick hello to everyone and to let you know that everything went very well today at the cosmetics convention. Boy did I get a whole lot of information today! I need to sit down and digest everything. There are lots of ideas and questions floating in my head about the cosmetics industry and I will try to get to the bottom of some of them during this convention.

The main topic today was, and the focus of this year's convention revolves around, organic or natural beauty products. Out of curiosity, I would like to know what you fine readers consider as 'organic' or 'natural'? Do you think that these products are just as good, better, or worse than more mainstream products? I will be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

So for now, I must say goodnight, because I'm exhausted, and leave you to play on a website I have come across lately. Let me introduce you to Taaz. I had so much fun giving myself, and other celebrities, a computer-generated makeover. At their site you can actually 'try on' certain brands of foundations, lipsticks, concealers, ligloss, eye colors, hairstyles and so forth! Let me tell you, I didn't think that Lucy Liu would look so great with vibrant makeup (since we always see her in neutral tones), nor that I can laugh so hard giving makeovers.

Have fun with it and let me know how you did and/or share your transformation success or failure with us!

Credits: Grayburn


Off To A Cosmetics Conference!

Just a note to say that I am off to a 3-day cosmetics conference! I will of course try to keep up the posts. I am so excited and more importantly, cannot wait to share with you all the things I will be seeing and learning there. Looking over the conference programme, I can see that there will be a lot of innovative skin and hair care products coming into the market. The good news for me personally is that almost half of the topics they will be discussing will revolve around making more 'green' products.

While I am there, I will try to absorb as much information humanly possible and hope that there will be lots of photo ops. I pray that feeling a little under the weather will not affect me too much. Wish me luck!

Credits: M. Mariano


How To Use Imju Fiberwig Mascara?

Emails have come through my inbox from both haters and lovers of Imju Fiberwig Mascara. Some rave about the length that they get from using Imju, while others diplomatically rant about the difficulty they have with it. I am a lover of this durable, lash-lengthening mascara and here is how I use it:

1. Apply a mascara base to curled lashes (my personal favorite mascara base is Kanebo's Kate Mascara Base).

2. Apply a thick enough layer of Imju Fiberwig to cover up the mascara base. Let dry.

3. Build length on your lashes by applying Imju Fiberwig to the tips of your lashes over and over again. By concentrating only on the tips of your lashes, you are building length by attaching the fibers there. Alternate between your left and your right eye until the desired length is achieved.

It is scary how much length this mascara gives. At times I have to 'snap' off the extra length because they are just too long. No clumps, just long lashes that blow in the wind!

Credit: imju.com


Mineral Makeup Series - Liquidfy!

The first thing I do each morning after I get up is head to my computer. This morning as I was approaching my computer desk, I saw something that was a surprise. BFOG (boyfriend of Grayburn) had left a lovely splash of rose petals on my keyboard! A charming way to celebrate the arrival of the weekend!

Back to a more serious topic...

I have read countless complaints out there about mineral foundation. Some of them are about the messiness of loose pigments but most of them are about the cakiness that a few of you have experienced.

There is one way to get around those two issues at once. And that is to liquid-fy or cream-ify your loose mineral foundation. This may not be something new to many of you but because I continuously hear the same concerns from some of you, I thought I should discuss briefly how it is done.

1st method:

I know many of you prefer creamy or liquid formulas when it comes to foundations and concealers. However, it is very easy to convert any mineral foundation or concealer (loose powder) into a more emollient form. It can be achieved simply by combining a small amount of the mineral powder with your favorite facial moisturizer, serum or cream. Try combining your minerals with different emollient bases and you will soon discover one that works best for your skin type. You might even discover that applying mineral foundation and concealer this way can be easier because it requires no kabuki or buffer brushes. Mix them together in your hand to apply the mixture like a tinted moisturizer, or mix them in a dish and you can dip your foundation or concealer brush to apply the foundation/concealer.

There is a another method....

2nd method:

The second method is a little different. In this method, you liquidfy the mineral foundation when it has already been applied dry to your face in the normal fashion. Let me explain. First apply your loose mineral foundation as you would normally with a kabuki or buffer brush. Then spritz your face with a facial toner or spray some of the toner onto your brush. Buff out the facial toner and use it to blend the foundation. This method allows the mineral foundation to get even closer to your skin and the moisture from the toner takes away the dryness that can sometimes be associated with mineral foundations. Just be sure to choose a toner that is alcohol-free and you are good to go!

Credits: Grayburn


Nexcare Acne Dressing 3M

Following one of my last post where I confessed on being an avid 'spot-picker', I have come across a product from a company that you are probably quite familiar with. Nexcare/3M has produced a product which addresses acne spots and they come in not an ointment, but in the form of sticky bandages. This is one of the most interesting idea I have come across lately and they really deserve an award for ingenuity!

How it works (as described by Nexcare):

  • Hydrocolloid dressing absorbs secretion and promotes healing of acne.
  • The dressing protects acne from dirt and other contaminants.
  • Waterproof and breathable.
Here is what an expert has to say about Hydrocolloid (the main ingredient in the acne dressing) and more information about the dressing from the Nexcare/3M website.

I found it quite enjoyable to use as the cute little buttons (comes in 2 sizes) were pre-cut to fit spots of any size. I have also cut the biggest circle in half to cover different spots. The dressing sticks on contact (on cleaned, dried skin) and remained there during a full night of tossing and turning sleep. I had forgotten that I had them on until I looked into the mirror in the morning to find circular spots on my face! (In case you were wondering, they did not leave any imprints on my skin .) The result? The spots that I would have otherwise extracted or squeezed at were flattened. A few of the dressings had white spots on them when removed (a sign that they have absorbed something from my skin). Since I have not had a deep pimple recently, I cannot report on how well they work on them.

As long as you don't have any company over, or whoever is sleeping next to you don't mind, have fun with these! I have ceased to stress/obsess over little spots since I got these. Give them a try and share your likes and/or dislikes with us!

Credits: Grayburn, Nexcare/3M


The Makeup Artist In Us


The fun thing about makeup is that we can make it as simple or as complicated as we like. With all the products available on the market, it is easy to bring out the inner makeup artist in all of us! Makeup companies are making it easier for us to customize the makeup to fit our own unique skintones and preferences. So grab some of these plus some brushes and let your creative juices flow!

Revlon Mix & Mingle Lip Palette - 6 Shades

All you need is a lip brush and a mirror. Use the lighter shade on fullest part of your lower lip and a little on the cupid's bow.

Revlon Custom Creations Foundation - 30 Shades

Adjust the intensity of the foundation by turning the pump nozzle. Great for those who tan and lighten throughout the year and replaces the need to have 2 different foundations.

Revlon ColorGenius Pressed Powder - 3 Shades

Take a little of the darker shade to contour and the lighter part to brighten. Lendis dimension to the face and take away the mask-like effect. Mix them all together to give you an allover skin finish.

Max Factor ColorGenius Blush - 3 Shades

Love these! Neutral colors to highlight, contour and blush all in one.

Credits: revlon.com, maxfactor.com


Upcoming Collection: MAC Cosmetics Naughty Nauticals

Quick Style Fix!

This looks like such a fun, grown-up/play dress-up collection from MAC. I am eagerly waiting for this to come out and have already bought my own blue-and-white striped tank to rock the nautical look that is in this season! I'm on the lookout for an anchor broche or ring so if any of you spot one, drop me a line please!

Credits: pursebuzz.com

Pink Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara - Special Edition

LE Alert!

For all of us who are Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara lovers, a limited edition has been spotted on Plaza Style in new packaging. These are so far only available in Japan but may soon start to float around Ebay, I should think. If you spot this limited edition item in your part of the world, drop a line here and let us know!

Credits: plazastyle.com


I am starting off the week by responding to being recently tagged by * : . b | u 3 . : *. I have been absent lately because I have been so busy working on my other website. I am both excited and nervous to show it to all of you but I promise that I will do that very soon. Thanks for all of your supportive words.

The tag this time is about beauty crimes. I thought this would be a good way to start off the week because then I have the entire week to start correcting them.

3 of my own Beauty Crimes :

At No. 3- Over-indulgence in facial masks
I love having a face mask on and I indulge in that whenever I can. I love the time when the mask is on my face. It is a time when I really feel at peace and for a moment just melt away into my thoughts. Combined with a bath and a scented candlelight, it really is what cloud 9 feels like to me. I know that this doesn't sound like much of a crime but I really do overdo them. I think there is a point when your skin just can't take in all that goodness anymore.

No. 2 - Over-washing
I enjoy getting clean, especially my hair and hands. I love to cook as well, so every time I cook, I probably wash my hands 10 times. That, and the combination of my distaste for smelly hair, has led me to somewhat dry hands and puffy hair. So I spend a lot of my money on hand cream, shampoos and hair treatments.

No. 1 - Picking at spots
I pick and squeeze anything that remotely resembles a spot on my skin. I do my own facial extractions almost every single night If I can. I am that person with the x 10 magnifying mirror on my makeup table staring at her pores. Past over-zealous moments have led to a few scars (but nothing that requires heavy concealer...really, I meant that!). Although, I do have enough concealer artillery power in my beauty cabinet ready to battle any nasty scars.

It is unlikely that I will be able to battle these beauty 'faux-pas' on my own. Let's just see how I do this week! I invite those of you reading this to take part as well; share your beauty crimes, write about them, brag about them.....! You've just been tagged!

Credits: Grayburn


A Fantasy Video - Shiseido Majolica Majorca

I am busy working towards meeting a deadline for a website I will be launching in the next couple of days. I didn't have time to prepare some posts ahead of time for these few days of absence so I feel guilty and unorganized at the moment.

I will leave behind a fantasy video from Shiseido's Majolica Majorca cosmetics line. The makeup items in this video band together to transform their owner, the girl in the picture frame. Like most Japanese cosmetics, Majolica Majorca's line contain some pretty good quality items that are fun and with that element of fantasy. It is a drugstore brand that is widely available in Japan and quite popular; especially amongst younger girls. It is pretty damn good quality considering that it is a drugstore brand!

I promise that I'll be back soon!

Credits: youtube