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Brand Focus - The She Space

an already extensive range of mineral cosmetics (especially the choice of eye shadow pigments),
The She Space has recently added yet another product that is one of its kind: The Pigment Bar.

The Pigment Bar takes things a bit further by letting the artist in all of us take charge! The concept is simple and fun; first choose a "Ready-to-wear Velvets" (base shade), then customize that shade if you wish with a pearl, iridescent, or sparkle finish. The Velvet bases come in many choices from the bare minimum shades of pale nude, all the way to purples, greens, and blues.

I stopped by their new chat forum to get a chance to talk a little with Heather, the creator of this company, and also to see what all the buzz was all about. So I thought that it may be interesting for those out there who are pigment enthusiasts like me, to hear what I learned during my chat with Heather. These are a lot of great information here, so enjoy!

My Question:

I asked Heather what her best sellers/most popular colors are from her makeup line. I really wanted to know what her most popular shades were and what shades I should be adding to my collection! To help you get an idea of what the colors were that she mentioned, I have added pictures of the colors in their order of appearance. Enjoy!


".. for the face......the highlighters and blush always do well when people try them, but with so many eye colors, I think that my clients forget they are there sometimes! LOL! Champagne Moon, Morning Dew, Blush and Glow, and Personal best and Passion Dance are incredibly universal colors that do really well from these groups!"

"Now..the fun part...the eyes....and this whole thing is a phenomenon to me....in germany greens and blues of ALL kinds do exceptionally well.....in Denmark and the Netherlands I sell loads of purples and browns.....Singapore and that part of the world loves the lighter more sparkly shades.....Japan, Mayalsia and Indonesia the same thing....Italy and France seem to try a bit of everything.....Croatia, Sweden, Netherlands and Israel....anything goes! I could go on and on....LOL!!!!!! I just think it is amazing how certain countries tend to gravitate to groups of colors! How cool is that??? Here in the USA.....anything neutral is a sure thing and then there are clients who would never wear brown and do everything in the rainbow!!! It is just way too fun to have the opportunity to see what you all do with these colors once you have them! Some top sellers that come to mind:

Touched by Truth
Moonlight Whimsy
Crushed Metal
Chasing Mystery
All of the black diamond dust liners
Swim with the Fishes
Twisted Psychic

Decadent Day Dream
Rocked by love
resisted anxiety
Rockin Egyptian
Far too Fabulous
Voluntary mayhem
Can't hide from Karma

Save the Trolls
High Drama
Demon Chatter
Gothic Glamour
Boogie on Man
Kiss the Frogs ...."

Credits: theshespace

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The Seeker said...

wow, great information.
But I think this stuff is better for experts, not for newbeis like me.


' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

i got samples of several of those mentioned above! they ARE very pretty. I would get full sizes if only I wasn't so lazy to use them foiled :)

and i know you're gonna be working, but if you do have some free time on the weekend we should meet up! just leave me a comment whenever :)

Grayburn said...

Hi blu 3, I also never foil cause I'm lazy as well (ssshhh!). Colors that are overly vibrant don't work well on me anyhow.

That would be so lovely! I will definitely let you know if I figure out some time we could go shopping together or something :) Btw, thanks for writing the review on the BB shampoo. I think I will try the shampow with that conditioner you tried.

Hi Seeker :) absolutely not! The great thing about makeup is that you can have fun and play with them. If you don't like it, just wash it off..that simple! Have you thought about trying a smokey purple eye shadow?