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Everyday Minerals - Fresh News!

I'm actually excited about the packaging of a product for a change. Along with their newly transformed website (still in the testing phase, but will boast plenty of exciting features), Everyday Minerals will be launching a new travel jar to house your favorite mineral makeup for traveling with.

These jars look like they have the same concept as the Philosophy The Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas. I can see them work for mineral foundations, light-colored blushes and highlighting powders. However, I do worry that they may not work well with my clumsiness! I guess I will have to try them for myself.

Since these will only be available in limited quantities, so grab some before they're all gone!

Credits: everydayminerals.com, philosophy.com

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Anonymous said...

Hi Grayburn
I came across your blog and like your reviews - all are so helpful. Thank you! This comment is not related to everyday minerals but is in regards to your skincare staples - Alqvimia!
Do you which sites sell the product and ships to US? I'd really to try your staples from the company! :)
Keep up the great blogging!

The Seeker said...

Great concept.
Let's see how you like it or not.


Grayburn said...

Hey Anonymous,
Thanks, I'm glad that you find them helpful! I do love Alqvimia! I usually buy them in a store here in Amsterdam but I was looking around on the internet for you and did find a place that ships internationally. Check out this site that sells quite a few natural skincare brands - LoveLula.

Hope this finds you well and do let me know how it works for you.

Hi Seeker, yes I think it's a cute and useful idea as well; especially for people who like to carry around their makeup with them in their bag and for those using mineral makeup or loose powdery products. Can't wait till they come out :) will let you know!


Fabu-less Beauty said...

Those EDM jars look a lot better than their old packaging. I still have their very first packaging...lol