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Iris van Herpen A/W 2009-10 - AIFW

Iris van Herpen Mummification F/W 09-10 - AIFW
A chilly breeze filled the room and the crowd went silent. Music started and the models performed their slow majestic stride in bare feet. Warrior goddesses. Wows were heard echoing around the room at the show's end.

Every piece in the collection was a show-stopper. The array of immaculate details were so amazing to look at and the muted gold played contrast with carbon black.

Iris van Herpen's S/S 2009 Show at the AIFW

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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Make Do Style said...

Great photos and her clothes are beautiful and so sculptured!

shopinchic said...

The last dress is just the thing to wear to a gallery opening.

Grayburn said...

Make Do Style, the details on the clothes are just so beautiful, especially in person and up close. The models stood infront of me and looked like sculptures!

x Grayburn

Grayburn said...

shopinchic, that last piece is the most stunning thing I've seen. The studs get away from rocker and becomes jewels around the neckline.

xo Grayburn

The Seeker said...

Gray*, darling I'm sorry to know that you got sick.
Hope you're feeling better now and that you feel well soon, sweetie.
Take care, drink lots of fluids and REST!!!!! TGtomorrowIF ;)

These are great, the shapes and details are exquisite.

Take care my dear