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Would You Like To Sample Our Perfume?

I have always been fascinated with advertising campaigns surrounding public transit system and airports; especially since I spend quite a lot of my time there. It is quite interesting where advertisers such as Europe's largest outdoor advertising company JCDecaux will choose to display what for best impact.

A well formed and placed ad will give something interesting for the passer-by to look at but JCDecaux now wants more than a few seconds glance from us. On top of having a visual impact, ads might now house a station where a perfume can be spritzed and sampled. These stations will contain perfume which can either be triggered released with a press of a button, at timed intervals, or by sensed motion of a passer-by.

There is a system such as this already in place in Japan where a restaurant uses it to emit the smell of a chosen item on their menu. The smell of teriyaki chicken could probably make me hungry at any time!

What do you think of this? Would you like to sample a perfume without stepping foot into a department store or be spritzed unknowingly by a sensor-triggered perfume station?

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), cosmeticsdesign-europe.com

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fashion herald said...

i'm with you on mass transit advertising. and i'm fascinated by the idea of scent being triggered by the motion of a passer-by, as long as I don't smell like it all day.

The Seeker said...

This is sooooo interesting.
But I agree with FH as long as the smell don't stay all day.

Hope you're feeling better, darling.
Take care
Lots of Luv

Cris said...

It seems to be a great idea...That is, unless one gets sprayed by a perfume he/she absolutely hates. Lol.
Interesting concept though ;). (As long as the above scenario doesn't happen.)

shopinchic said...

Why not? I love perfume and wouldn't mind getting whiffs
if different scents all day.

Marian said...

this is such an interesing idea,what with the sensed motions. im interested to see how it pans out!
muah x

Grayburn said...

Lol, perfumes are so personal so those bus stations/airports will either smell fantastic or nauseating! It will be so interesting to see which perfume they choose for what areas (city centre vs. residential).

xo Grayburn