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Best of Blue Blood @ AIFW 2009

Avelon by Blue Blood A/W 09-10 - AIFW 2009
Nothing beats some good urban wear with attitude. The paparazzi/celebrities/body guards, that had gathered pre-show in the lobby, continued to gather on the catwalk until they had to be shushed and encouraged off. The room was bursting at the seams with people in eager excitement. Each seat had a Blue Blood goodie bag. All the goodie bags took 10 workers an entire day to assemble.

The collection had plenty of his and hers to choose from. And if it gets too cold out, his sweater would look equally good on her. Every piece looked polished and the small details gave them the finishing touch.

(I found the jumpsuits that I have been searching for some time - look below!)

Blue Blood's S/S '09 Collection @ the AIFW 2008

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Oilily A/W 09-10 - Multicolored Shimmery Dream

Shimmering Winter Walz A/W 09-10 - AIFW 2009
As soon as everyone settled into their seats (clutching hard at their stuffed goodie bags), the show for Oilily's Autumn/Winter 09-10 collection commenced. Delightfully colorful jumpers and knee-length dresses entered the room in autumnal tones including copperized red and aubergine. Note the fantastic gold accents throughout the entire collection.

Our hearts lit up with joy when smiling children ran onto stage and batted their wings. We even held our breaths as a beautiful couple waltzed onto the runway and danced an energy-charged and acrobatic waltz that was at the same time seductively romantic. And when we remembered to take another breath in, the ceiling burst in a rain of gold shimmers showering the entire room. Those of us who might have entered the show slightly tired couldn't help but have a huge grin on our faces. As the last shimmer fell, I found myself unwilling to leave and wanting more of this multicolored wintery dream.

Oilily S/S 09 Summer Of Love Collection at the AIFW 2008

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Claes Iversen - The Amsterdam International Fashion Week

Dear Readers,

How are you today? How is the weather where you are? Here in Amsterdam yesterday night, it was crispy cold outside but inside the tents at the AIFW (Amsterdam International Fashion Week), it was toasty. Photographers were at a frenzy, snapping away at the famous faces that showed up all glam'd up.

I hope you had a good evening too. It was not a busy one as I only had two shows to attend. The pictures below were taken during the Claes Iversen runway showing of their A/W 2009 - 2010 collection.

Let me try to convey to you the mood of Claes Iversen's collection. It had something luxurious, something rock n'roll, and something conservative. So if you like all these elements in one show, all in one collection, then you would have probably enjoyed yourself as I did. The 'all bound up' detail contrasted with the softness of the duvet dresses and soft furs. As a theatrical black number was presented as the last piece from the collection, the message was clear that Claes Iversen was gifted at creating statement pieces.

It is a shame that you were not there. I am sure you would have enjoyed the show as much as me. I hope my narrative has given you a taste of the experience.

p.s. I promise to write again very soon with more details on other AIFW fashion shows.
p.p.s. Oh and here is another link to his previous collection at the AIFW.


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Highlights - AIFW 2009 Opening Ceremony

On a steely cold Saturday morning, a frantic gathering of photographers and general public were seen at the Amsterdam central station, kicking off the start of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Grazia staged a photo shoot where the public was able to watch some of the makeup artists/hairstylists/photographers/stylists/models at work. The winner of Holland's Next Top Model (cycle 3), Kassandra Schreuder drew crowds in as she kicked her long legs in the air for the photos.

Kassandra Schreuder - Last minute fixes before she glided onto stage

Models Posing - Remember the dress on the left (it is by EnD and you might have seen it here during AIFW July 2008)?

Shoes Shot - I couldn't help but stare at them!

Models cozying up - The temperature inside the station was icy cold.

Ladies who bun - I love the twisty addition to a classic bun.

Upclose and personal - The Makeup looked flawless and natural.

The opening for the upcoming AIFW was enough of a teaser and my anticipation is getting unbearable! I wonder what exciting A/W 2009-10 fashion we will get to lay eyes on starting Wednesday?

Read more about previous editions of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW)

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Objects Of Desire

I salivated when I finally saw these at our downtown Douglas Store. That is what happens when something finally appears when I have been waiting for it for a long time. For those who appreciate a 'skin scent' and who love deep, sensuous fragrances as I do, this relaunch of some of Donna Karen's most renowned fragrance is unmissable. All 9 scents have been given the same outfit in a new modern black cylindrical shape. The collection also contains 4 scented candles, also outfitted in sleek black glass. Best to take advantage of these while we still have some cold nights left. I'm grabbing "Chaos" and "Black Cashmere" and reserving them for date nights!

To give you an idea:

Chaos EDP - "blend of calm and serene"
Fuel For Men EDP - "captures the excitement of speed"
Signature EDP - "subtle, sophisticated, warm combination of exotic floras and earthy tones"
Black Cashmere EDP - "inspired by the finest of cashmere"

Essence Collection with 4 elemental scents:
Jasmine EDT
Lavender EDT
Wenge EDT - "exotically unique in its deeply sensual appeal"
Labdanium EDT - "sensually complex"


Find the nearest store to you at: store locator
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