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Objects Of Desire

I salivated when I finally saw these at our downtown Douglas Store. That is what happens when something finally appears when I have been waiting for it for a long time. For those who appreciate a 'skin scent' and who love deep, sensuous fragrances as I do, this relaunch of some of Donna Karen's most renowned fragrance is unmissable. All 9 scents have been given the same outfit in a new modern black cylindrical shape. The collection also contains 4 scented candles, also outfitted in sleek black glass. Best to take advantage of these while we still have some cold nights left. I'm grabbing "Chaos" and "Black Cashmere" and reserving them for date nights!

To give you an idea:

Chaos EDP - "blend of calm and serene"
Fuel For Men EDP - "captures the excitement of speed"
Signature EDP - "subtle, sophisticated, warm combination of exotic floras and earthy tones"
Black Cashmere EDP - "inspired by the finest of cashmere"

Essence Collection with 4 elemental scents:
Jasmine EDT
Lavender EDT
Wenge EDT - "exotically unique in its deeply sensual appeal"
Labdanium EDT - "sensually complex"


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shopinchic said...

I love Donna Karan's fragrances. Cashmere Mist is one of my faves. I haven't tried the Black Cashmere yet though.

Opé - Style Artist said...

Those look richly exotic!


Wow amazing candles,the collection sounds delish. need each of these in my flat :O)!!!

Fashion Addict said...

There's something about designer fragrances, makeup, candles, etc. that just make it look so much better! I would love to check out this Donna Karan collection of fragrances!

The Seeker said...

OMG sounds something I MUST smell ;)
And those candles.... awesome. I could have them all through my home.

Enjoy your weekend sweetie and rest, because you'll have a tiring week ahead. I'm being selfish also ;) because I want to know things about AIFW.



deep_in_vogue said...

Oh wow these candles look amazing and sounds like they smell even better!

Anonymous said...

those candles look gorgeous!

La C.

fashion herald said...

I RAN to Bergdorf's here when i read about this in WWD - I hoarded my Chaos for ages and am ecstatic it's back! And Black Cashmere was my second in line.

Grayburn said...

fashion herald, I wish I have the original with its crystal clear bottle glory. That'll always be a chapter of perfume history I missed...

x Grayburn