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Best of Blue Blood @ AIFW 2009

Avelon by Blue Blood A/W 09-10 - AIFW 2009
Nothing beats some good urban wear with attitude. The paparazzi/celebrities/body guards, that had gathered pre-show in the lobby, continued to gather on the catwalk until they had to be shushed and encouraged off. The room was bursting at the seams with people in eager excitement. Each seat had a Blue Blood goodie bag. All the goodie bags took 10 workers an entire day to assemble.

The collection had plenty of his and hers to choose from. And if it gets too cold out, his sweater would look equally good on her. Every piece looked polished and the small details gave them the finishing touch.

(I found the jumpsuits that I have been searching for some time - look below!)

Blue Blood's S/S '09 Collection @ the AIFW 2008

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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shopinchic said...

Love the blue jumpsuit! Its so cute.

But what's with the guy carrying
a handbag?

Izar said...

That blue one is indeed very cool. :-)
Girl, you're so lucky to be there: what an amazing experience this must be!

fashion herald said...

i love the jumpsuits, but the grey/brown is my favorite - an updated garage mechanic look! and i love the blouses.

The Seeker said...

Gray* you found it!!!!
How great sweetie.
So I bet you're having a great time, tiring time, but a great one.

Hope you're enjoying and having fun my dear.

Take care, all the best~


Grayburn said...

shopinchic, Lol! I've seen so many man-purses lately that I've become numbed by them! But you're right, what's with that? hehe..

x Grayburn

Grayburn said...

fashion herald, I'm so crazed about jumpsuits at the moment that it's not funny. I guess I'm really looking forward to wearing lighter and easier pieces. I loved that garage look that looks softened by the scarve. So cool!

x Grayburn

Grayburn said...

The Seeker, I've totally had a good time so much that I've caught a flu from some people there :( No regrets though!

x Grayburn

margot hollaender said...

I love that golden striped dress and the blouses:)
Those jumpsuitsare great too! The blue one is amazing. And the make up fits beautifully.
Awesome blog! ;) I really enjoy your posts :)