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hommage a Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens......my god!

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In Training

Hello. It has been a long time since we last chatted. How have you been?

A lot's been happening lately. Every night I stumble into bed and fall asleep for what seems like only a few seconds and awake to the disturbing sound of my mobile alarm clock. I wish there was a gentler way to be awoken.

But honestly I am not complaining. I am finally doing something that I love and even if I am falling asleep on my way to work, I arrive on set excited and intrigued by what is about to take place. I cannot even start to describe the feeling. That feeling of not knowing exactly what you are going to do with the makeup and hair. The little time you have when you and a stylist, a photographer, and a model discuss the ways to proceed. And then we all get to work, doing the things we were all trained to do. Doing our part. What happens in between can be frustrating, tedious or even surprising. But when we sit down at the end to look at the results...it is such a fantastic feeling!

In the past few weeks I've had the privilege to work with some amazing people. I love my job as a makeup artist! I will post pictures of some of the things I've done here shortly. I promise!

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Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Makeup training and everything else fabulous is keeping me well busy.

I have an upcoming photoshoot inspired by Veronica Lake. When I was doing a little research, I found this fascinating video about WWII and the hazard of women's hairstyles a la Veronica Lake for work safety.

Are we convinced by her message?

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Style Bite: Chanel Resort 2010

Lighter version but not in any way compromising luxury. The Chanel Resort 2010 show was held in Lido, Venice. The feel is the mysteriously glamorous boy/girl on vacation who has been spotted and everyone wants to get to know. Models strolled out in shoes or in bare feet; depending on whether they felt like them or not!

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It is a little warm right now for this f/w '09 collection from Rick Owens. But it is never too much to just have a look! What deliciously structured forms.

Website: Rick Owens
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This is the makeup brush that caresses my face every morning. Above is not a picture of mine because mine is dirty and filled with mineral foundation dust at the moment. But without a doubt, it is the best brush for applying face powders that I have come across.

This is the EcoTools Recycled Aluminum Retractable Kabuki. It is retractable and comes with a cap so that it is portable and it doesn't get crushed out of shape when I pack it into my travel bag. But this is only a bonus to the main reason that I love this brush. It is simply the softest and smoothest brush for packing on and buffing out face powders. Imagine something like an Egyptian cotton-covered pillow cushion gliding across your face.

I get an even coverage and a soft finish with my foundation every time I use this brush. And I have let my other mineral foundation brushes retire.

I love this cruelty free and environmental-conscious beauty tool. What are some of your tools of choice?

Retails for: About 10 usd
Website: http://www.parispresents.com/EcoTools_BAMBOO_Powder_Brush_p/et1214.htm
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Short Film - Chanel No. 5

I just melted watching this short film featuring Audrey Tautou for Chanel No. 5. How delicious is the plot, the actors ...

Film can be seen on Chanel's website:

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The Story On Statement Lips

Style.com has done an interesting summary of 'statement lips' throughout our history. What great lengths we went to, and still go, to beautify our pouts; the pain we were and are still willing to endure to achieve them. What were Cleopatra's methods (using crushed ant eggs + crushed carmine beatles), or deliberate efforts of the servicewomen to boost morale during war times (which made it almost mandatory to wear a shade that matched the servicewomen's lips to the red in their uniform) has progressed over time and still remains an obsession for us. The various colors, shapes, and finishes that lip coloring come in is indeed symbolic of the degree in feminine strength, female power.

Slide show can be seen at:

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Liquid Glass

There comes a time when I meet a product that feels so good that I wonder what I have been using in the past. I met the MAC face & body foundation in class for the first time yesterday.

This MAC foundation comes in 11 shades ranging from C1 (light/cool) to N9 (dark/warm). The sturdy screw top with a fine spout tip design ensures travel-bility plus controlled and sanitary handling.

But you realize you've hit gold the moment you experience this liquid foundation on your skin. The liquid simply glistens like liquid glass as if it was lit from within (the foundation is water-based after all; i.e. non-greasy). When you apply it with a foundation brush, the foundation just glides and is then absorbed/accepted by the skin. One layer of this stuff provides very light coverage and can be built to give medium coverage (about 2-3 layers). What I adore is the translucent dewy finish rather than the opaque and matte finish that we see achieved with most foundations. Any spots that need extra coverage can be solved with a little concealer or concentrated application of this foundation. Set with a translucent powder after application (only where needed to maintain the natural dewy finish). The result is a makeup-undetected, polished look!

Website: MAC Cosmetics
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