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Joline Jolink at the AIFW 2008 - MAKEUP

The Joline Jolink runway show had so many fantabulous looks and ideas. Each one of them really deserve its own spotlight. The show in general was immaculately presented. I have really come to appreciate Jolink's distinctive eye for the collection as a whole, as well as the attention she pays to the finer details.

During this show, I had the chance to work with a good friend of mine, S. Baldi who has an excellent eye for photography. Special thanks to her for her efforts, support and I hold her responsible for the Jolink fashion photos!

Makeup Looks:

The makeup looks were sponsored by Lancome. This book held about 20 makeup looks that the makeup artist and the clothing designer had put together for their particular show.

The makeup artist described the look for the Joline Jolink show as "sandy".

Dark-rimmed eyes smudged slightly outwards. Air-brushed skin and a pale lip to match. All the models looked as if they had a film of nude hosiery over their skin.

The lip color was intensified slightly with orange when the outfit called for a stronger color as such.

Hair was combed back and left loose with curls at the back. A modern twist on the headband look.

1st photo- www.360fashion.net
next 3 photos- S. Baldi

A Closer Look at Accessories - Joline Jolink AIFW "08

The Joline Jolink show was such an incredible one because there was no way I could have fit all of the information into one post. The accessories are lemming worthy and deserve a closer look! These accessories took on an origami-vibe, worked well in contrast to the softness of the fabrics on the clothes.

Key Look: Bold-colored tights, folded clutch.

Key Look
: Color-matched gloves.

Key Look: Oversized dress shirt, cutout belt.

Shoes Look: Striking mix of delicate details versus graphical blocks.

Worn with skin-tone hosiery.

Shoes Look: Block platform heels, intricate contouring.

Key Look: Body-conscious soft layering, high-waist detailing.

Key Look: Japanese origami inspired patterns for belts and bags

Photos: S. Baldi, the Netherlands


Sherida Augustin at the AIFW 2008

I almost did not make it to the Sherida Augustin show at the AIFW 2008 as I was late enough that the door had already closed. After much begging at the bouncer, he finally let me in. I am thankful for that or else I would have missed this chance to share this with you!

Sherida's designs are actually not as well known in the Netherlands as they are over in the US. Her designs have been hailed as "Ghetto Fabulous", where fashion is inspired by a mix of black tie glamour and urban street styles. They are not designed for those who don't want to be noticed!

This collection was particularly punched with electric blue, silver and black; and played with combining matte and reflective materials. The shapes were both relaxed and structured at the same time. What really caught my eye were the jeans and the pants in this collection. They were well cut and executed and will surely add something special to my outfits!

The Makeup: Dominant electric blue lashes matched the clothes, paired with matte pink/beige lips and a light dusting of contour powder to warm up the skin. Hair was combed back and simply knotted low at back of the neck.

Credits: Grayburn
Picture of blue lashes & jeans: fashionaddict.nl


Versace Makeup - Discontinued Little Luxuries

I came across some good surprises at the Bijenkorf (a department store here in Amsterdam) the other day. My face lit up when I spotted an almost complete assortment of Versace makeup on discount. The Bijenkorf slashed the prices because Versace discontinued their line of makeup last year.

I find this such a shame because I have now come to realize that their makeup are a pleasure to use. I enjoy the idea of clothing designers getting involved with producing makeup (a recent addition to that list is Calvin Klein) because beautiful makeup and clothes do help us feel more beautiful on the outside. What I admire about Versace is that they have always been true to what they are about and they have stuck to that with their makeup line as well.

Which of your favorite clothing designer would you love to see design and produce makeup? What products designed by a clothing designer would you not buy into? I am thinking definitely not yoga instructional dvd's, what about you?

Credits: Grayburn


The Fashion Institute of Arnhem Proudly Presents - 9th Generation Graduates at the AIFW 2008

The Fashion Institute of Arnhem in the Netherlands, proudly presented the collections from their 9th year of graduates at the AIFW. The show was spectacular with diverse styles from 4 graduates who were chosen to showcase their talents. This show was absolutely my favorite.

I went to my last rounds of shows today and I am sad that the AIFW is over. But I am happy that I got the rare opportunity to attend the shows thanks to the organizers at AIFW. I can't wait to share every detail with you!

Here are the designers:

Hsao Li-Fu

Originally from Taiwan, his designs were fluid and poetic. He presented his work in aquas, greys, jade and a shot of orange. The rounded shoulders of his designs imparted an air of comfort. The models glided down the runway comfortably but elegantly in flat heels. The mood was romantic. Natural materials such as cotton and silk were used throughout. Li-Fu has said in the past that his goal is to eventually have the opportunity to work with the house of Lanvin.

Makeup: The models wore very neutral makeup; semi-matte skin paired with lips in the color of sunset.

Sanne Schrijver
Her models came down the catwalk with confidence, wearing clothing inspired by men's tailoring though touched by a woman's hand. Colors used were shades of concrete and soft skin tones, splashed with the color of blood orange. She played with emphasizing and de-emphasizing the waist. Each piece came out beautifully and finished. Sanne has said before that she strives for designs that are tasteful and complete.

Makeup: Glistening skin kissed by the most heavenly highlighting on the cheekbones I have ever seen; bare with a sprinkling of apricot around the temples and lips.

Julia Eichler
She was the winner of the "Golden Heel" award announced at this show. I forgot to mention that as part of the show, they also showed off the designer's latest creations in shoes . When we had entered the show, there were 4 models laying on hospital beds, wearing the shoes designed by each of the graduates. Each model wore a different stunning color of tights which went very well with the shoes.

Julie's clothing designs were inspired by modern African art. Lots of green, orange and blue were defined by the use of sharp white. Colorful and fun.

Makeup: The models looked almost makeup-less but still pretty; that was done to call our attention to the dizzying array of colors and shapes of the clothes.

Claes Iversen

The show was ended by the dynamic sounds of cars crashing, presented by Claes Iversen. Fashion victims they were not, the models looked as if they had just escaped a car crash scene (seat belts used as waist belts, head supports strapped onto the back). They strutted down the catwalk with me coveting every single item! There was everything from the most flattering little black dress to the flowing night gowns in what else; orange, and luxurious fur jackets in brown. I won't mention that the dress worn by one of the models almost caused her to fall a few times. Claes also worked with the house of Mulberry for their Spring '08 collection.

Makeup: Pale, powdery skin, quiet lips and darkly defined eyes. The effect was a quiet elegance.

Credits: Grayburn
picture of the shoes: fashiontalk.nl/ posted by Joris


Amsterdam International Fashion Week

I will be at the fashion shows (AIFW- Amsterdam International Fashion Week) today so I'm afraid I won't be able to share the experience with you just yet. I really had a good day yesterday at the Fashion Institute of Arnhem show so I shall share that with you a little later as well. I can't wait because I spotted some really good looks for coming Spring.

In the meantime, let me know your ideas for Valentines Day. I desperately need advice on this.

Also, please have a look at what some of my friends in the blog world are up to. They are the ones that fascinate me and also the ones who keep me going every day!

The seeker at Searching the Inner Me shows off her daily outfits but not just that!

Izar at Binary Star, an ever so talented artist shares with us her love of makeup and natural skincare, as well as her obsession with Thorns.

Vanessa at Nessasarymakeup shows us why we are going to be broke when the MAC/Fafi collection comes out!

The Muse at Musings of a Muse reports on some delish Valentines goodies!

credits: Grayburn


A New Look for the Heineken Beer - Outfitted by Ora-Ito

I attended the Heineken Launch Party yesterday at the AIFW. There were lots of glitz and glamour as expected, and apparent sightings of Dutch celebrities. I was greeted and directed to the back area for a drink. Of course, we were all drinking Heineken beers!

This was an event to announce the new outfit for the Heineken beer, designed by a young artist named Ora-Ito (who has also worked with numerous names such as Gucci and Addidas). Though I am not much of a beer drinker myself, this new design is a fashionable one indeed! Many advertisers have linked fashion and alcoholic beverages in the past. So this is not a big surprise when Heineken decided that they wanted to design our next fashion accessory, the beer bottle! Floris Cobelens, the marketing manager for Heineken explained to me that the new bottle will be available throughout the Netherlands as well as in France. So readers in those parts of the world, watch out for it!

I captured a video of the opening show (below). I honestly thought that it would be more of a fashion show; perhaps with models holding the bottles with various outfits on (to help us picture ourselves holding the new accessory?). It was nevertheless quite beautifully done and I think everyone had a good time!

My wish however, is that I hope to see more bloggers at these events in the future. As a blogger, I feel I can write candidly because I am not pressured by sponsorship or advertisement. What is your opinion on this? Feel free to leave your questions or opinions in the comments section.

More on AIFW to come.....

credits: Grayburn


My Week with Sofina (the cleansing oil)

If you have followed my struggle of finding an alternative to my beloved Shu Cleansing Oil, you would know that it hasn't been an easy one. The story of my struggles can be found here in 3 parts:

Do I Stick With My Shu?

Looking back - My Years with Shu (the incredible cleansing oil)

Dilemna over Facial Cleanser

So now here we are folks, it has been almost a week since I started using the Sofina's Cleanse Make Clear Oil. It is quite a lovely cleansing oil and quite similar to the one from Shu. Sofina's texture is a little bit thinner and it smells like delicate flowers. It's makeup-removal ability matches that of Shu's.

After my weeks of experimenting, I am back with the cleanser of my life. For me, Shu is decidely the best there is out there. There are good reasons why I've been with my Shu cleanser for many years. It does exactly what it promises and it never disappoints. Shu will always be my first serious cleanser and I shall never stray again.


Red Lips - A Pop of Color

Red lips have been a symbol of seduction and of a confident woman since the movie sirens of earlier days. Women everywhere fear the crimson shade as it draws attention to the person wearing it like no other. There is also the difficulty of choosing the right red, as the wrong one makes teeth look yellow or the skin sallow.

I came across these two (pictured below) at The Body Shop at Kalverstraat the other day. They are packaged in sleek silver and are called Sheer Lip Shine. I found the two colors especially appealing as they are universally flattering and deposit just the right amount of color to do a stained-lips look (less high-maintenance than regular lipsticks). They also provide an attractive shine that is subdued and delicate. The color is buildable so if you want something a little more intense, you can definitely layer these.


AIFW - Designers Kick off in the Red Light District

This is one of the many events that kicked-off the Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW). I spent a wet but rewarding Saturday afternoon admiring the window displays in Amsterdam's Red Light District. In place of the red lights that normally shine on these windows were more flattering white spot lights.

A handful of designers strutted their talents and made their work accessible to the public.

Roswitha Van Rijn

Daryl Van Wouw


Mada Van Gaans

Jan Taminiau

Bas Kosters

Throughout this week I will be bringing more news from the runway shows at AIFW where I look forward to seeing the designs and the makeup/hair trends. I expect to see alot of flowy-soft fabrics for women (lots of dresses) in the many colors of spring.

Credits: Grayburn

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Makeup Lesson

Sophie Ellis Bextor was found putting on her own makeup in this video on youtube. As you may know, she is a beautiful pop singer who sang songs such as "Murder on the Dace Floor" and the latest "Me and My Imagination". She really is one of few celebrities who look wonderful even without their makeup on (perhaps ignore her blond hair phase).

Readers: Can you name all the different tools/products that has been seen used in the video?


Amsterdam International Fashion Week - Starts Tomorrow!

The Amsterdam Fashion Week kicks off this Saturday in Amsterdam's famous Red Light District. Those famous red windows will be decorated with fashion models wearing creations from various designers. I feel so privileged to be included in all of this excitement; it really is a great way to see the coming trends in fashion and makeup; as well as meet all of these wonderful artists. I will of course be paying special attention to the makeup looks and hairstyles; on how they are worn with the clothes.

Also check out the video above of the show by the Fashion Institute Arnhem 2007. The thought that I will be part of this makes it hard for me to sit still!

I'm also very much looking forward to Joline Jolink's show, as well as the show by last year's winner of the Dutch Project Catwalk, Django Steenbakker (he looks cute!).

So much excitement, I can barely contain myself!

Dilemna over Facial Cleanser

...........the next chapter on my dilemma over facial cleanser

So it has been almost a week that I have been experimenting with the other cleanser. If you've missed the first two parts of the story, the first and the second are available here.

Yes ladies, I'm officially two-timing!

The new cleanser's name is Softymo Oil Cleansing Gel (aka SOCG). It comes in a large orange squeeze-tube. The texture of the cleansing liquid is something between a thick gel and an oil (exactly as the name implies). When spread on the face, it feels first like vanilla pudding then it turns into an oil after massaging it in. What I love about oil-based cleansers is that I can indulge in a daily dose of facial massage. Contrary to what everyone thinks, oil cleansers are not at all oily, after it has been rinsed off. I have heard quite a few miracle stories of how it helped alot of women with acne-prone skin, as well as ladies with dryer skin types.

This one isn't the one however. It left my skin moist because it left behind a film on my skin. Eventhough a toner following the wash fixed that easily, clinginess is not a good characteristic unless we're talking about dresses or suits. Although my skin looked more luminous after one wash, it actually took two washes with SOCG to remove my waterproof mascara. I will reserve this for days when I am not wearing much makeup.

In the meantime, I still have another (Sofina Cleanse Make Clear Oil) waiting for me to try on.

My experiment continues.......


Kose Astalution -More Power in Skincare

This orange bottle holds a liquid containing Astaxanthink extract. An extract that has been shown to have 150x the antioxidative properties over the trusty vitamin E. This extract, a carotenoid from the carotene family (oh yes carrots! and other things such as salmon and some forms of yeast), may be able to prevent oxidative damage when our skin is exposed to UVA.

The formula itself is light (runny liquid) yet very hydrating because it has an impressive list of water binding ingredients as well as hyaluronic acid (which temporarily plumps the skin with moisture). Do be careful though as this runny liquid really is quite orange in color.

I have experienced no stinging or irritation whatsoever with this essence. My skin feels boosted with moisture and I am also happy with easier makeup application because it smooths my skin.

Kose's excellent line of products can be seen on their website.

Adding Antioxidants To Your Shower

Karin Herzog's Chocolate Therapy - Body Happiness


Looking back - My Years with Shu (the incredible cleansing oil)

.......Continuation from the Story "Do I Stick With Shu"

Before I talk to you about Softymo and Sofina (the new cleansers who are making my heart wander), I should tell you about my wonderful years with Shu.

I met what was to become the cleanser of my life back when my skin was a little less temperamental. My demands in skincare was not as high as now but deep down I always knew that this one would see me through the thick and the thin. It has been good to me during my breakout years and dry times.

It has a minimalist bottle with a classic formula that removes makeup and cleanses my skin all in one go. It contains wonderfully nourishing oils as well as vitamin E; which has some antioxidant properties. When it is rinsed, all I'm left with is clean and soothed skin.

I had thought this would be the one! Perhaps I was too naive and young back then!

Story about Softymo and Sofina to be continued....


Amsterdam International Fashion Week - We're Going!

The fashion bug will be hitting Amsterdam as well, starting this weekend until the 27th of January. Fashion stores all around town will be joining into the festivities; really it is another excuse for the whole Amsterdam to party!

We have been invited (you're coming too aren't you?) to several catwalk showings so hopefully will be bringing back some exciting news on the up-and-coming trends of Dutch designers as well as makeup trends this year. I'm especially looking forward to the collection from Joline Jolink (pictured above). It is going to be so exciting!

Amsterdam International Fashion Week Website