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A Closer Look at Accessories - Joline Jolink AIFW "08

The Joline Jolink show was such an incredible one because there was no way I could have fit all of the information into one post. The accessories are lemming worthy and deserve a closer look! These accessories took on an origami-vibe, worked well in contrast to the softness of the fabrics on the clothes.

Key Look: Bold-colored tights, folded clutch.

Key Look
: Color-matched gloves.

Key Look: Oversized dress shirt, cutout belt.

Shoes Look: Striking mix of delicate details versus graphical blocks.

Worn with skin-tone hosiery.

Shoes Look: Block platform heels, intricate contouring.

Key Look: Body-conscious soft layering, high-waist detailing.

Key Look: Japanese origami inspired patterns for belts and bags

Photos: S. Baldi, the Netherlands

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BeautyTalk said...

I love the orange and black combo.

The Seeker said...

I'm not seeing myself wearing tights on summer (let's see in spring)...nor gloves.
And those shoes, well... the blocks don't make my style.
The rest I like it, thank you for posting that for us.