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Amsterdam International Fashion Week

I will be at the fashion shows (AIFW- Amsterdam International Fashion Week) today so I'm afraid I won't be able to share the experience with you just yet. I really had a good day yesterday at the Fashion Institute of Arnhem show so I shall share that with you a little later as well. I can't wait because I spotted some really good looks for coming Spring.

In the meantime, let me know your ideas for Valentines Day. I desperately need advice on this.

Also, please have a look at what some of my friends in the blog world are up to. They are the ones that fascinate me and also the ones who keep me going every day!

The seeker at Searching the Inner Me shows off her daily outfits but not just that!

Izar at Binary Star, an ever so talented artist shares with us her love of makeup and natural skincare, as well as her obsession with Thorns.

Vanessa at Nessasarymakeup shows us why we are going to be broke when the MAC/Fafi collection comes out!

The Muse at Musings of a Muse reports on some delish Valentines goodies!

credits: Grayburn

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The Seeker said...

Oh dear, I'm flatered that you mentioned me the way you did.
Thanks a lot.

Thank you also for your last comment on my blog and your kind words.
You know, you gave me an idea for another post, talking about your relevant questions.

About Valentines Day we don't celebrate it much, but "we are trying" :), so I'm sorry but I have no ideas... for now ;)

I'm dieing to read your news.
Hope you have fun at the fashion shows.


Izar said...

Oh dear, you're the sweetest! *hug* Thank you for mentioning me in your blog!

I'm a complete noob when it comes to V-day so I'm afraid I won't be that much a of a help either.

Have a nice weekend!

Grayburn said...

Hi Seeker,

I can't wait to see what you'll be posting and what new idea you have.

I really have no idea as well for Valentines and every year we try to go for dinner but I'm getting bored of that! So I suggested wall-climbing! We'll see what happens :)


Hi Izar!

Aww no problem :) I'm trying to do something different this year so we may go wall climbing! Hehe it's something I've wanted to do for a long time!

Hope you had a good weekend,