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Sophie Ellis Bextor - Makeup Lesson

Sophie Ellis Bextor was found putting on her own makeup in this video on youtube. As you may know, she is a beautiful pop singer who sang songs such as "Murder on the Dace Floor" and the latest "Me and My Imagination". She really is one of few celebrities who look wonderful even without their makeup on (perhaps ignore her blond hair phase).

Readers: Can you name all the different tools/products that has been seen used in the video?

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Anonymous said...

I think I see the Chanel eye shadow brush and Bobbi Brown Foundation stick? I love that pink on her pale skin. actually pale skin looks refreshing!

The Seeker said...

I'm embarrassed with that, but I'm a complety disaster about knowing that :(


Grayburn said...

Aww Seeker, don't worry about a thing sweetie!