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A New Look for the Heineken Beer - Outfitted by Ora-Ito

I attended the Heineken Launch Party yesterday at the AIFW. There were lots of glitz and glamour as expected, and apparent sightings of Dutch celebrities. I was greeted and directed to the back area for a drink. Of course, we were all drinking Heineken beers!

This was an event to announce the new outfit for the Heineken beer, designed by a young artist named Ora-Ito (who has also worked with numerous names such as Gucci and Addidas). Though I am not much of a beer drinker myself, this new design is a fashionable one indeed! Many advertisers have linked fashion and alcoholic beverages in the past. So this is not a big surprise when Heineken decided that they wanted to design our next fashion accessory, the beer bottle! Floris Cobelens, the marketing manager for Heineken explained to me that the new bottle will be available throughout the Netherlands as well as in France. So readers in those parts of the world, watch out for it!

I captured a video of the opening show (below). I honestly thought that it would be more of a fashion show; perhaps with models holding the bottles with various outfits on (to help us picture ourselves holding the new accessory?). It was nevertheless quite beautifully done and I think everyone had a good time!

My wish however, is that I hope to see more bloggers at these events in the future. As a blogger, I feel I can write candidly because I am not pressured by sponsorship or advertisement. What is your opinion on this? Feel free to leave your questions or opinions in the comments section.

More on AIFW to come.....

credits: Grayburn

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The Seeker said...

Thank you dear for the kind words you left me, I'm trying not feeling overwellmed.
Thank you also for the tips about the lipsitk colour, I really apreciated it. Cosmetics are my Aquilles Heel :)

I think the new design of the Heineken beer is great, as you say "a fashionable one indeed".

I must agree with you about bloggers and these events, bloggers (most of them) are independent, so they can give their opinions without the pressure of the brands.
But I also think that the brands and some editors don't like that, because they see bloggers as a treath. Many bloggers can be opinion formers and so they are unwanted to tell about events.


Grayburn said...

Hey Seeker,

I actually do find the new bottle a little more fashionable because it is sleek looking (or maybe because I saw all these models drinking them the past week?).

I saw for myself all the pressure on these photographers over the past week and they were all trying to get the best photos and etc. I'm glad I'm not under that sort of pressure (but of course I did the best I could as well).

Thanks for your comments, I value them a whole lot :)