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The Fashion Institute of Arnhem Proudly Presents - 9th Generation Graduates at the AIFW 2008

The Fashion Institute of Arnhem in the Netherlands, proudly presented the collections from their 9th year of graduates at the AIFW. The show was spectacular with diverse styles from 4 graduates who were chosen to showcase their talents. This show was absolutely my favorite.

I went to my last rounds of shows today and I am sad that the AIFW is over. But I am happy that I got the rare opportunity to attend the shows thanks to the organizers at AIFW. I can't wait to share every detail with you!

Here are the designers:

Hsao Li-Fu

Originally from Taiwan, his designs were fluid and poetic. He presented his work in aquas, greys, jade and a shot of orange. The rounded shoulders of his designs imparted an air of comfort. The models glided down the runway comfortably but elegantly in flat heels. The mood was romantic. Natural materials such as cotton and silk were used throughout. Li-Fu has said in the past that his goal is to eventually have the opportunity to work with the house of Lanvin.

Makeup: The models wore very neutral makeup; semi-matte skin paired with lips in the color of sunset.

Sanne Schrijver
Her models came down the catwalk with confidence, wearing clothing inspired by men's tailoring though touched by a woman's hand. Colors used were shades of concrete and soft skin tones, splashed with the color of blood orange. She played with emphasizing and de-emphasizing the waist. Each piece came out beautifully and finished. Sanne has said before that she strives for designs that are tasteful and complete.

Makeup: Glistening skin kissed by the most heavenly highlighting on the cheekbones I have ever seen; bare with a sprinkling of apricot around the temples and lips.

Julia Eichler
She was the winner of the "Golden Heel" award announced at this show. I forgot to mention that as part of the show, they also showed off the designer's latest creations in shoes . When we had entered the show, there were 4 models laying on hospital beds, wearing the shoes designed by each of the graduates. Each model wore a different stunning color of tights which went very well with the shoes.

Julie's clothing designs were inspired by modern African art. Lots of green, orange and blue were defined by the use of sharp white. Colorful and fun.

Makeup: The models looked almost makeup-less but still pretty; that was done to call our attention to the dizzying array of colors and shapes of the clothes.

Claes Iversen

The show was ended by the dynamic sounds of cars crashing, presented by Claes Iversen. Fashion victims they were not, the models looked as if they had just escaped a car crash scene (seat belts used as waist belts, head supports strapped onto the back). They strutted down the catwalk with me coveting every single item! There was everything from the most flattering little black dress to the flowing night gowns in what else; orange, and luxurious fur jackets in brown. I won't mention that the dress worn by one of the models almost caused her to fall a few times. Claes also worked with the house of Mulberry for their Spring '08 collection.

Makeup: Pale, powdery skin, quiet lips and darkly defined eyes. The effect was a quiet elegance.

Credits: Grayburn
picture of the shoes: fashiontalk.nl/ posted by Joris

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The Seeker said...

It must have been so nice watching all that shows.
I think there’s a pattern with the orange in all collections.


Grayburn said...

Yes I think so too with the orange. It's perfect for me because I love orange as well!

I have more news to share with everyone but they will be coming out slowly because I'm exhausted right now!

kisses, grayburn

The Seeker said...

I want to thank you about the comment you left in my blog about BBC.
Thank you very much, dear.