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Sherida Augustin at the AIFW 2008

I almost did not make it to the Sherida Augustin show at the AIFW 2008 as I was late enough that the door had already closed. After much begging at the bouncer, he finally let me in. I am thankful for that or else I would have missed this chance to share this with you!

Sherida's designs are actually not as well known in the Netherlands as they are over in the US. Her designs have been hailed as "Ghetto Fabulous", where fashion is inspired by a mix of black tie glamour and urban street styles. They are not designed for those who don't want to be noticed!

This collection was particularly punched with electric blue, silver and black; and played with combining matte and reflective materials. The shapes were both relaxed and structured at the same time. What really caught my eye were the jeans and the pants in this collection. They were well cut and executed and will surely add something special to my outfits!

The Makeup: Dominant electric blue lashes matched the clothes, paired with matte pink/beige lips and a light dusting of contour powder to warm up the skin. Hair was combed back and simply knotted low at back of the neck.

Credits: Grayburn
Picture of blue lashes & jeans: fashionaddict.nl

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The Seeker said...

blue lashes!?
Hummm... don't know if I like it for a daily use, but it's funny in the catwalk.
I didn't know Sherida Augustin, thank you for the information.
I like those colours.