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Adding Anti-oxidants to Your Daily Routine

Antioxidants may be essential for maintaining wrinkle-free skin as free radicals can be damaging to our skin. Experts agree that antioxidants, when taken internally, do a great deal to protect our body's cells from breaking down. Many beauty products now boast their topical antioxidant properties to help in our fight against aging.

I enjoy the simplicity of Greenland's line of body care and their belief of using no parabens, mineral oils, artificial colorants, harsh preservatives or synthetic fragrances in their products. Pomegranates are said to be one of the best sources of antioxidants as they contain almost half of our daily requirement of vitamin C. The antioxidant effects may be minimal in a wash-off product, so it could be an idea to choose ones with formulas which are readily absorbed and stay on the skin such as body butters, serums and lotions.

The Pomegranate line from Greenland has a fruity scent of pomegranate with the added zing of tangerine. I particularly enjoy its scent as well as the fact that the shower gel works itself in nicely in with my favorite Weleda Seabuckthorn Creamy Body Wash.

Greenland is a company who produces natural body care in Wateringen in the Netherlands.

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Izar said...

Sounds really nice, especially that they don't use any harsh ingredients.

I actually like to eat pomegranate: I find the taste and the though that I'm eating something so healthy very pleasant. All those seeds are a bit annyoing though... :-)

Storybookheroine said...

Is this available in the US?

Grayburn said...


Pomegranates are odd fruits I think but sooo tasty! Have you tried a juice concentrate available from natural food stores? seed problem solved :)

Grayburn said...

Hi storybookheroine,

I don't believe it's available in the US yet but I do believe they have plans to do so. Are there many brands available where you are that make natural body care?