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H & M Cheek Blush - Sunny Apricot

The blend-ability of this blush by H&M caught me by surprise and I can see that they are quickly selling out of this particular one. It lasted pretty much through the day with only slight fade. This will look great in the summer when my skin becomes a little sunnier.

Colors are soft bright pink, peach with gold shimmer & soft brown.

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Izar said...

This is a truly gorgeous blush! I love the shades and the design! I'll have to check out H&M, which luckily we have in Hungary. Now the only question is whether they carry the cosmetics or not... :-)

nilla cookie said...

This blush is soo cute! I haven't stopped in H&M here in San Francisco in a while; I wonder if they carry beauty products there too.

Where did you happen to purchase this particular blusher?

Grayburn said...

Hi Izar,

H&M may not have the highest quality sometimes but the makeup is aligned with their concept of fun & trendy. It never costs that much so there's no harm in trying them out!

Hi Nilla cookie,

Yes I was drawn to it because of the design (and the fact that it was the last one left in that particular H&M). If they do in San Francisco, then you should definitely try some of them. I live in Amsterdam so that's where I bought mine. If you need help getting a hold of it, let me know cause maybe there are some left here in the stores.

Thanks for leaving comments!