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MAC Emote - Smoke Signals. For the Love of Contouring.

Ever wonder what it would be like to do contouring on your facial features to enhance and minimize? Leave it up to MAC to accomplish this tasks without risking looking like a witch!

I'm not talking about contouring like they used to do it on Dynasty, but this is subtle and an attractive up-to-date take on this makeup technique. This shade can be used to shade any part of your face as well used as an all-over bronzer sans-orange face! It is quite natural and I'm loving it now!

photo via beautyintrend.com/?setmode

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Row @ http://mostly-makeup.blogspot.com said...

I love Emote too! I was going to buy Sculpt from the Pro range, but Emote is perfectly good for shading the complexion!

Nice Blog

Grayburn said...

yeah MAC is brilliant, they seem to know just the right thing to do and pick the right shades.