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If you haven't tried Imju Fibrewig yet, do it now!

I'm not kidding about this. I have been applying mascara since the age of 14 and it wasn't one brand at a time. So I would say I know quite a bit about mascaras. I think I can finally stop my search! This is that good!

It simply goes on without a clump and gives me long lashes that doesn't smudge or run. I have yet to try it in tropical heat but it stands up so far against cold damp weather, the rain or tears. I even deliberately put a warm wet finger on my lashes to test them. No budging, wonky lashes, smudging or running. It washes off easily; i.e. no makeup remover necessary.

I use this to remove my mascara

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photo cred: imju.jp

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Anonymous said...

Hi Grayburn, love your blog, was interesting to read the different products you are trying from around the world. Please can you tell me where you order imju mascara from? i'm from united kingdom and am trying to find online shop which will ship to uk.

Grayburn said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks! You can order from adambeauty or sasa both of which ship internationally and the fees are reasonable. Tell Adam that I sent you!