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A Shot At Cream-To-Powder Eyeshadow

Half the battle with wearing eyeshadow is getting them to stay put. While I have spent much of my time playing with different methods of applying long lasting eye makeup, I would rather to have spent that time discovering and playing with different colors.

My road along this journey has been a fun one actually. I have met quite a few candidates that claimed to be 'the one' but soon fell short and left me teary with shadow under my eyes. However, there is definite merit to "you don't know until you give it a try!". So I sent for a couple of sample tubes of the EyezCreme from Pure Luxe Cosmetics and prayed for the best.

First off, the EyezCreme is not meant to be a primer. They are actually cream eyeshadows that make the method of 'foiling' slightly easier. They come in an assortment of 12 colors with a majority of them swaying towards nude tones. My order consisted of 3 colors (see above): Golden Sands (a cool tone gold with shimmer), Elysium (shimmery peach-copper), and Amethyst (pink-hued medium purple also with shimmer). They come in a convenient 1.5mL lipgloss tube and a doe-foot applicator.

My first impression was that they were adorable. Soon the initial high dissipated when I realized how much I dislike using a doe-foot applicator for eye makeup. Pressed on as "you don't know until you give it a try!" kept making loops in my head. The cream applied with a consistency of a whipped lotion and did not dry to a powdery finish as anticipated. The lotion did not dry nearly quickly enough for my short attention span. The color went on quite vibrantly however, but became sheer and lost its initial oomph too soon. Sounds a little dissapointing yes? I don't think I will give up just yet. I gather these little tubes are convenient for traveling and for when I want to quickly dab on a little wash of color without having any tools close at hand.

What have you tried to get your colors to stay put on your eyes?

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You might remember one of my fav local designers Joline Jolink? I read this the other day:

Prices between € 2 and € 200 (cash and pin)

and my jaw just fell to the ground. For those who are or going to be in the Amsterdam area on these dates,

Friday November 28th 17:00 - 21:00
Saturday November 29th 12:00 - 18:00
Sunday November 30th 12:00 - 18:00

the sale will be held at their studio:

De Wittenstraat 109 / 111 hs

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It's been confirmed. SJP just spoke up about it.

SATC will start shooting in Summer 2009 (I heard about it on hollywoodlife.net).

I am all ready for the eye-feast of outfits and shoes. And I am getting a craving for cupcakes.

Any Sex and the City fans out there? Or have we all reluctantly moved on with Gossip Girl, Lipstick Jungle, Cashmere Mafia....?

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Quick Birthday Special

Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.) UK is celebrating their 1st birthday so those in the UK can benefit from free shipping today (only on November 27 midnight - midnight). Time to stock up on those Shimmering Facial Whips that everyone so loves!

P.S. Shouldn't there only be 1 candle on that frothy smurf-colored cake?

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Grayburn: Yet Another Look At Joline Jolink

Judging by all the times I have posted about Joline Jolink's designs (total of 5 posts which you can find here), it is pretty obvious that I would be happy to wear her clothes any or all days of the week. Like always, I look forward to studying her creations walk down the runway and it was certainly no different when I attended the DFA 2008.

Joline Jolink truly designs clothes with a woman's comfort in mind. With her eye for details, the women who wear her clothes look fresh, chic and always ready to get to their busy lives.

The other thing that draws me to her shows are the makeup looks she pairs with each collection. The face is often kept fresh, with only one feature of the face highlighted. For example, the collection photographed here made up of black and a dusty grey pieces, a flash of hibiscus is used along the highest point of the temples down towards the bottom of the cheeks.

Some of Joline Jolink's designs are actually available on her website and luckily, they ship internationally - http://www.jolinejolink.com/shop/ .

I would feel completely as ease but at the same time 'put together' running errands in this.

It is so rare to see gloves purely used as an accessory nowadays. I still love them regardless. They draw attention to a pair of well-manicured hands.


I hope you have enjoyed my report on some of the designers who competed in the DFA 2008. Their hard work has been recognized, their uniqueness noticed, and there is no wonder that they were the chosen finalists. The best of luck to the winner Monique van Heist and I am certain that the Netherlands is fiercely proud of what she has accomplished.

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Congratulations To Monique van Heist

Monique van Heist, the winner of the Dutch Fashion Awards 2008 showed us a preview of her upcoming collection, "Hello Fashion". In this collection, she hopes to challenge the constraints on fashion each of the four seasons have . My feeling is that blurring the boundary between male and female shapes, whilst also combining prominent forms with softer ones, makes her concepts a standout and unique.

Notice the back detail of the outfit in the background?

Side-swept hair softens the boldness of the dress.

For some reason, I adore this color. It is not quite a nude but somehow pops.

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Personal Favorites Of Mada van Gaans' Collection

Mada van Gaans' S/S '09 collection named "Enchanting Memories" was one of seven collections selected to show at the Dutch Fashion Awards this year. Inspired mainly by the silhouettes of men's dressing in Northern India, a collection with western interpretations was born. The result is easy proportions and comfortable grace.

Models strolled down the catwalk with their hair off of their faces and a sophisticated makeup palette. In any event, my attention went straight to the models' shoes.

Unforgettable shoes!

Fantastic harem pants, looks great paired with angle-strapped heels.

Mada van Gaans' A/W 09-10 collection presented at the 10th edition of AIFW

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In Loving Memory - The Best Of Percy Irausquin At The Dutch Fashon Awards '08

The collection from Percy Irausquin kick started the show displaying some of his best designs. The fashion world sorely misses him.

His designs are best described as a love affair with beautiful fabrics. Models walked down the runway, which began light and happy and became dark and dramatic. The choice for hair and makeup was dark, sultry, combined with tousled bed hair curled starting at the ears.Playful, that is an arrow in her hair!

Clever, bold and feminine.

Do you remember this dress from yesterday's post? This is what it looks like alive. Simply gorgeous, this dress tells the story of the time Percy spent with Hubert Barrere, the corset specialist at Givenchy.

Actually my favorite photo of the evening as I adore viewing dresses from the back.

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Backstage at the Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashoin Awards 2008

This was the red carpet laid out in front of the Beurs van Berlage for the Dutch Fashion Awards 2008 before the crowds arrived. I took a few steps on it when it was empty, imagined flashing cameras and headed for backstage.
As soon as I entered the main hall where the stage was situated, I was mesmerized by the beautiful dangling center stage lights and the shiny black stage. People were running around but focused on their tasks at hand. But most everyone had a smile on their faces, except for one catering staff who was hogging the drinks.

The backstage door swung open and the air that hit me was a concoction of lighter fluids that heated metal containers at the buffet, hairspray (a combination of Sebastian Shaper Plus and Elnett), and puffs of steam. At an hour or so before the show, the vibe here was relaxed yet hard at work. I headed straight for the lights; where the makeup/hair area should hopefully be. I seemed to have arrived at a good moment as models' hair were being finished and foundation has just been set with powder. Perfect timing! For me, the fun starts when the eyeshadow goes on.

I love this look above. A white base is applied over one eye before the makeup artist applied a color on top of it. Whisper soft, the skin is left bare, contoured only with highlighters

This second look is grown-up and sophisticated. Darkening the crease is the focus here.

Designer Mada van Gaans pictured above, applying finishing touches.

Models getting into character and in mood with the designs.

This was a gorgeous floor-length dress. I am crazy about the soft-sultriness of the makeup.

It took a few people to prep this Percy Irausquin dress for the runway. I will soon post photos of this dress alive on stage.

Fashion photos from the event coming soon...

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