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It's been confirmed. SJP just spoke up about it.

SATC will start shooting in Summer 2009 (I heard about it on hollywoodlife.net).

I am all ready for the eye-feast of outfits and shoes. And I am getting a craving for cupcakes.

Any Sex and the City fans out there? Or have we all reluctantly moved on with Gossip Girl, Lipstick Jungle, Cashmere Mafia....?

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), dailymail.co.uk

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Leigh said...

Very exciting! I can't wait.

The Seeker said...

Oh How great, I'm a SATC fan forever, I'm not seeing Gossip Girl, Lipstick Jungle or Cashmere Mafia, so... this is a bonus to me :)

How are things, lovely, hope well.
Love xoxo

Grayburn said...

Leigh, You and me both!

Grayburn said...

The seeker, ah so you're loyal to SATC :) So good to hear that you're a big fan too!

Beauty Tyrant said...

It's SATC for me, forever!

Grayburn said...

Beauty Tyrant, so good to see you're as enthused as me about this! Can't wait!