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Claes Iversen - The Amsterdam International Fashion Week

Dear Readers,

How are you today? How is the weather where you are? Here in Amsterdam yesterday night, it was crispy cold outside but inside the tents at the AIFW (Amsterdam International Fashion Week), it was toasty. Photographers were at a frenzy, snapping away at the famous faces that showed up all glam'd up.

I hope you had a good evening too. It was not a busy one as I only had two shows to attend. The pictures below were taken during the Claes Iversen runway showing of their A/W 2009 - 2010 collection.

Let me try to convey to you the mood of Claes Iversen's collection. It had something luxurious, something rock n'roll, and something conservative. So if you like all these elements in one show, all in one collection, then you would have probably enjoyed yourself as I did. The 'all bound up' detail contrasted with the softness of the duvet dresses and soft furs. As a theatrical black number was presented as the last piece from the collection, the message was clear that Claes Iversen was gifted at creating statement pieces.

It is a shame that you were not there. I am sure you would have enjoyed the show as much as me. I hope my narrative has given you a taste of the experience.

p.s. I promise to write again very soon with more details on other AIFW fashion shows.
p.p.s. Oh and here is another link to his previous collection at the AIFW.


Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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fashion herald said...

he has managed to make a puffy jacket I covet, and that's a fabulous eve. pantsuit!

The Seeker said...

Interesting stuff, dear.

Have a nice weekend honey


shopinchic said...

My favorite is the puffy dress. I hope it comes in other colors.

The Seeker said...

I've a little thing for you in my blog.


Grayburn said...

fashion herald, talking about the puffy jackets, I love the puffy dresses too! I want, need LOL!

x Grayburn