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The House Of Viktor & Rolf

Feeling a little out of sync and I am still not ready to hit refresh and restart for 2009. Getting any satisfaction in writing up my list of resolutions is simply out of the question. 2008 for me was both a fantastic and trying year. It was a year that lasted as long as a long equation that cannot be simplified. Oddly enough though, those challenges set the perfect stage for self-discovery. I fought and persued those things that really mattered to me; eventhough they came with a hefty price and I had to put up a fight for them. Now, a few clouds have been lifted. And I foresee the rest of 2009 to be an even more trying year.

To calm such nervous anticipation, I sought uplift, momentary indulgence and craved extravagance. I needed to feast my eyes on luxury and I needed the fix fast!

So over the weekend, I visited the Centraal Utrecht Museum which presented a collection of life size dolls from The House of Viktor & Rolf. The exhibition focused on the last 15 years of the duo's struggles and triumphs. Reading through and looking at their creations only made my own struggles look minuscule in comparison. Their designs were beautifully intricate and instantaneously lifted my spirits. And they gave me a good kick in the buttocks. It was exactly the boost that I needed.

A feast for our eyes

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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The Seeker said...

Indeed a "feast for eyes"....

Hope you're having a good starting week, dear.


margot hollaender said...

Omg, I would love to see those!
the "NO" one and the one with the guitar are amazing, they look so much like the real ones on the catwalk :)
good post ;)

Leigh said...

Great photos! I would love to see those. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Take Care.

Grayburn said...

margot hollaender, aw thanks! I am planning on going back again on a quiet day and bringing a better camera with me next time.


Grayburn said...

Hi Leigh, It really was so amazing because of the way they told the story. It made me feel less stressed with my own struggles.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday as well and the best of 2009 to you!


La Belette Rouge said...

Beautiful and kind of spooky(the faces kins of scare me). I hope that 2009 is the kind of year you dream of.:-)

Grayburn said...

LBR, it's true, some did look a little freaky (like the one looking over her shoulder)! I just adore the clothes though and the intricate details and tailoring.


fashion herald said...

what a great way to ring in the new year. I really want that NO coat, am a big fan.
and of course they had to use the scary child/adult mannequins!

Grayburn said...

fashion herald, there were so many coats and SHOES/BOOTS that I wanted there. I wanted to touch everything but of course, I was at a museum! I noticed that V&R tend to use unique models with distinct faces...kinda like those dolls that wore the clothes at the exhibition.