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Bye-bye Products

The best thing about having a guest in the house is that the house finally gets a deep cleaning. We had plenty of time to tidy up so I rumbled through my box of beauty rejects. While going through the items, I realized that some of these are in fact well loved products by most but for one reason or another, I never managed to get them to work for me.

The picture above illustrated my feelings exactly as I went through the items in my 'on the way out' box. In fact Kate, the author and artist of her own illustrations from Soy Sauce Carnival writes fun haiku that seem to capture how a lot of us feel at times. A great mood-booster to read and look through at times when a pick-me-up is necessary.

Chanel Correcteur Eclat quick cover
Has a soft silicon texture that feels as if it should be easy to work with. My first time with this, it did not blend as easily as I thought a silicon-based product should. But I finally threw in the towel when it had slipped down my face by the end of the day. Disappointing especially since it is from one of my favorite brands.

L'Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara
I thought I found the solution to purchasing my favorite mascara when I saw this. My favorite mascara is also a 'tubing' mascara that provide great length and is elements-proof. L'Oreal's is a two-ended masscara wand that has a side with a white mascara base and another with a black mascara. Similar to other mascara bases I have tried from L'Oreal, the formula is thick and does not seem to hold a curl for me. Unlike my favorite mascara, this one never gave me the desired length, nor did it ever remove with ease (instruction says to place a warm pad with warm water for at least 30 seconds versus simply splashing with warm water with my favorite mascara).

Maybelline Volum' Express Lift-Up Mascara
I never say No to a freebie, especially if it came in a goodie bag from Fashion week. Even with its deep black pigmentation, this mascara never was smooth going on my lashes and became an irritating flake by the end of a day of running errands. Even if I do love its curvy brush, I'll have to say No Thanks.

Avene Soothing hydrating serum (Serum apaisant hydratant)
This was something that I wanted to work for me as it is a serum that boasts hydrating/soothing properties, and can be easily purchased at a local pharmacy. I have had plenty of success with products from Avene so I skipped the part where I obsess over the list of ingredients. Unlucky for me, I completely missed out the fact that this serum contains alcohol. Lastly, it is a rather thick gel that applies with a tacky texture.

Catrice Allround Concealer
An hour to spare at a local drugstore had me intrigued by a German cosmetics brand, Catrice. I was lured into this multicolored concealer palette containing 3 skin tone shades, 1 peach and a green. Its silky texture was alluring but the concealer just floats on top of the skin when applied, unfortunately concealing nothing.

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), soysaucecarnival.blogspot.com

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fashion herald said...

i was thinking exactly like the haiku this weekend when I cleaned out one of the bathroom cupboards!

shopinchic said...

That sucks that Chanel would make such a poor product.

Leigh said...

I really need to do some spring cleaning as well. It's so bad that my beauty products are taking over the whole house at this point, lol.

The Seeker said...

Hi sweetie, how's everything???
Hope great!
That picture is sooooo funny, and I needed to do also a clean up for spring.
LOL last year I had my sister and as you say "The best thing about having a guest in the house is that the house finally gets a deep cleaning". So true...lol



Make Do Style said...

Cleaning out on stuff you don't use or like is good!

Grayburn said...

fashion herald, Lol I feel so disgusted at myself when I see how much stuff I hoard but don't use anymore. I always think oh I'll come around to using this some time in the future... But it's time to spring clean!

Grayburn said...

shopinchic, I thought I couldn't go wrong either when I purchased the concealer. I tried to return it but they wouldn't let me :(