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Christmas Wish List item No. 5 - healthy skin all over

You might have seen my other post and know that I have concerns over weight gain during this time of the year. You might also notice that I am meticulous about skincare because it is the biggest organ of our body.

Let me explain why this one here is on my Christmas Must Wish List. Let me introduce to you the Dr. Hauschka Blackthorn Body Oil.

It helps me to maintain elasticity in my skin which is extremely important because once our skin is not able to stretch with our daily changes, we develop creases and stretch marks. And I try to keep those away for as long as I can!

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Off topic: Toys for the kids - where to start the search?

It seems that the scare with regards to toys made in China has sparked off another trend among worried parents. Around this time, even those of us who don't have kids have to worry about this too since some of us have to purchase gifts for our nieces and nephews etc etc. And what do kids usually want - toys!

If you don't know where to search, you can start your search by going to Buy toys made in the USA at drugstore.com.

p.s. wouldn't all those colors be so much fun to play with as lippies and shadows?

What to buy for your man part un

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Grand opening of H & M in Amsterdam - Dj's, change of clothes & hit the town!

The infamous H & M will be opening yet another store in downtown Amsterdam. This one will be smack in the middle of "Leidesplein" where many restaurants, night clubs and the start of our shopping street is.

They've hired a DJ for the event to start at 8 tonite until 10. So I plan to hit the spot, check out the DJ, maybe a change of clothes and then paint the town in glitter!

They handed out some CASH cards a few days ago to be cashed in at the event tonite. Cross your fingers that I will get the ultimate 100 euros CASH card!

Check out the picture; they are keeping it a secret! Stay tuned for more details!

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Christmas Wish List item No. 4 - The Illusion of slimmer shape.

I don't know about you, but I have a more difficult time at this time of the year sticking to my workout schedule and staying off all the good food. Nature has programmed it into us to store up our energy fuels to prepare for winter.

That is not so hot when you have to wear that dress to your other half's work Christmas party. I am not the one for diets, I think they don't work because anything that is torture will not work long-term. So for a little helping hand, I'll be reaching for the Hanes Smooth Illusions Go Figure Waist Smoother (picture below).

The smart thing is that this one starts right under your rib cage (did you know this is where us women are the skinniest?) and ends above the knees without the band that gives us the bulge!

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Christmas Wish List item No. 3 - Kose's Massage mask to rub my troubles away

The holidays can become stressful at times unless you manage it properly. The number one thing is remember to take care of yourself. Many of us have a busy schedule and we try to do it all to please everyone; balancing all the needs.

I love the idea of this massage mask from Kose and coming from this trustworthy brand. Massage it in, lie down for a brief moment and unveil softer, smoother skin.

So grab one for yourself and all those around you who also need a small treat. Join around with your friends and balance each other out (and your skin)!

This is what it looks like and where you can grab one..

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What to get my man for Christmas this year- Part un

I found the first part of the Christmas pressie for my man this year - Bioelements HIS Volcanic Mud Soap. I always try to encourage him to follow proper skincare but most of the products out there are according to him "too feminine". Even with the men's line these days offered by the biggies such as L'oreal and Clinique. They just seem too "well-behaved".

This one here might satisfy his ruggedness:

What they say about it >>>>Supercharged with detoxifying volcanic mud, contains ground oatmeal to scruff off dead skin, defends against breakouts on face and body, enriched with natural oils to counteract dry skin.

What to get yourself for Christmas

Wish list Item No. 2 - Celebrity skincare brand secret

Having so many specialists at their fingertips, begging these celebrities to use their services; celebrities have access to some of the best products in the industry.

The second item on my Christmas Wish List is the Obagi Skin Transformation Starter set. With celebrity client such as Demi Moore, I cannot wait to try this!

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Christmas Wish List item No. 1 - Kanebo Kate Mascara base

Going back to Japanese makeup brands, another makeup giant Kanebo has apparently created a wonderful mascara base to be used to add a bit of za-za-zing to your lashes. These bases are designed to be applied before your usual mascara. You all already know that I love my Imju Fibrewig (or Dejavu).

This was the first item on my LIST so I have already ordered it. It is on its way in the mail coming directly from Japan! This will give me that extra something for the parties in the holiday season.

Stay-tuned for the post on the results!

Read about Imju (Dejavu) Fibrewig mascara

This is not a picture of the mascara base! Photo cred: http://www.flickr.com/photos/15215680@N05/1597100670/ by zeyafeng

Where do celebrities go to do their drugstore shopping?

Apparently, many celebrities such as Bobbi Brown the makeup goddess herself do her drugstore shopping (and more!) on drugstore.com. They currently have many different offers so if you need stuff such as


Yogitoes wTOTE, Off-White Canvas with Orange Accents


Zero-G Weightless (Parabolic) Flight Experience for 10 people! (I told you they offer more than drugstore needs!)

Check them out here!

drugstore.com, inc.

Which soap does Oprah like?

What does Oprah use to wash her face with?


5 Things I also cannot live without.......

1: LOVELY SARAH JESSICA PARKER by Sarah Jessica Parker

2: Elizabeth Arden Pretty Irrestible Duo High Shine Lip Gloss, Sheer Pink & Sheer Peach

3: Gal Pal Everything Tape

4: Hollywood Fashion Tape Cover Ups, Reusable Nipple Concealers

5: theBalm timeBalm Anti-Wrinkle Concealer, Light/Medium

Shop the philosophy Holiday Gift Guide>

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Bringing you a conscious cosmetics brand name - Suki Pure Skin Care

You know how much I prefer natural products over others, but usually as long as it makes my skin look good, I'm in! This little wonder Suki Velvet Facial Creme happens to do both; it is made with natural ingredients that makes sense and it keeps my skin looking trés belle. I love the texture of it and it goes especially well over my serums at night.

Tip No. 3 (see below for the other 2)- calm your skin fast when irritated:

My skin was particularly sensitized because of the last modeling job I did (they used a white paste on my skin to make me look like a geisha!) and I was running home because I was red and blotchy everywhere. This one here was such a lifesaver. With a list of ingredients such as chamomile and vitamin liposomes, this is all I needed to calm, protect and feed my skin. I woke up with normal beautiful skin again!


More of my favorite Oprah's Favorite Things - giving a beautiful gift or treat yourself!

What beautiful soaps from Claus Porto of Lafco New York! This is one of Oprah's favorite things and it is now surely mine! They are gorgeously packaged and with scents such as honeysuckle and orange amber (my my my!). This Portuguese family-run soap making company produces soaps in all styles and for all tastes. I know what I'll be stuffing stockings with this year and handing out to my girlfriends at our annual girls only Christmas party!

Get it Here!

Photo cred: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11235217@N02/1072868921/ by dairymplenikki

Few of my favorite Oprah's Favorite Things! Instant beautiful skin!

This gadget is really worth its weight in gold! The Clarisonic Skincare System gets rid of flaky skin (which we all have plenty) and unveils a glow in your skin. Use this once a week with Cetaphil and the brush releases gunk that have been trapped in your pores and everything else!

Tip Number 2: Get beautiful skin

They use this lightly on me before a photo shoot to quickly smooth out my complexion and prep it for makeup.

Love it love it love it! Check it out here: Clarisonic

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Also goes well with:


Beauty tip Number 1 - tips from makeup artists and stylists

Modeling is really no easy task. Long hours plus constantly being poked at and constantly having to perform. The end results are always well worth it though. A good picture says a thousand words. A beautiful picture lasts a lifetime and to be able to brag about it in the future to my kids.

As the days go by and before my Christmas Wish List countdown, I will release some tips & tricks from the large number of beauty experts and stylists I have learnt on the recent shoot and my previous modeling experiences.

so here it goes...

Tip No. 1:

Tissue trick - split a piece of tissue in two. Place one of the layers over your lips after you have applied lipstick and dust over tissue with transparent face powder with powder brush. This sets lipstick to ensure that it stays put throughout the day/evening. Apply another layer of lipstick to increase staying power and increase color/shine.

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/75166820@N00/331206646/ by florriebassingbourn