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Looking for A super hero Antioxidant to guard my face

There are many harmful things in this world that affect the health of our skin. Not only the environment that we live in, but also the internal environment within ourselves. This is why I am now on a search for a Super Hero to protect the well being of my skin. I am lucky that I was born with good skin and I have done a pretty good job of maintaining it. Let me tell you though, it is hard work!

I know that we are all suppose to wear sunscreen; which I do. But apparently, that is no longer enough. We now absolutely need antioxidants as well.

I have done much reading and researching and have found my Super Hero. She goes by the name of Skinceuticals C-E Ferulic serum. She is very pricey but I believe that she will be a good investment. Anyone out there who have tried it? Please let me know what your opinion is (you are free to leave an anonymous comment!).

Save your faces!

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fredarmitage/185187947/ by FredArmitage

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