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Winter Blues Therapy - Aromatic Body Oil & Belly-dancing!

Now I know I'm jumping continents a little too quickly but today I really want and need something comforting. Today, my thoughts are with Spain. Maybe because the temperature has recently lowered so much in Amsterdam that we had to finally turn the heater on. And because of the dry heat, I'm looking for the comfort you can only get from aromatic oils; to feed my skin and preferably a spicy scent to stimulate my senses. I have long been using and practicing the beauty rituals of Alqvimia. They believe in the female power and that means taking good care of yourself (diet, skincare, exercise). By the way, their recommended form of exercise is belly-dancing and yoga which are said to increase feminine powers.

I crave a brand new bottle of their spicy Cleopatra Body Oil and a little hip swirling, care to join?

What are your own beauty rituals that make you feel empowered?

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Photo cred: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eleda/1589783726/ & alqvimia.com

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