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My Shiseido face & Japanese balls mix

I happen to be wearing a full face of Shiseido makeup today. Usually my makeup routine involves products from all different brands but today it is purely Japanese!

Everything from my moisturizer (Shiseido The Skincare) to my blush (Shiseido blush Duo in Tangerine) to the cream eye shadow (Shiseido hydro powder in Glistening Sand).

Now the most fashionable part is that I am eating these Japanese Balls mix snacks while wearing my Shiseido face. Can you picture it? Is it fashionable or not?

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/humean/249987664/Rights:http://creativecommons.org/licen


I want MAC Sweet Sienna - Anyone tried this yet?

The new item on my wish list and must have is the new MAC pigment; part of the Antiquitease collection. It's called Sweet Sienna and it supposedly is a dirty brown with grey pearl. Doesn't that sound delicious already?

This particular one seems like such a great idea for the holidays with all the plush lush fabrics we will all be wearing! Just imagine how great this will still look the day after the parties and it is all smudged and sexy looking! I've gotta give this a try.

On MAC's Smoke Signals Emote Blush

picture from maccosmetics.com

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Nars Multiples - how many do you own?

This much talked about makeup item has been around for ages! This is one of those makeup in a stick items that makeup-crazed girls collect. Seeing that I am slow to jump onto this bandwagon, I finally got one of these. I got this in South Beach which is an apricot-y blush/bronzer stick. Let me tell you, I got so many complements with this because of the glow that it imparts on your skin. I found that the easiest way to apply is to swipe it on your face, then blend with a flat foundation brush.

How many of these do you own? Which are your favorites and which is the next one I should get?

Let me know your thoughts!

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Tsubaki Shiseido Shampoo - Red Camelia

Love Japanese beauty products!

The shampoos and conditioners from Shiseido's new line called Tsubaki are meant for dry hair. The much celebrated red camelia flower is the spotlight ingredient in this popular hair care line from Japan. The camelia flower is said to be rich in oleic and linoleic acid which is especially nurturing for those with dry hair.

I finally got around to testing them out and I found that the shampoo and daily conditioner was perfect for daily use. While the Tsubaki treatment is heavy enough for my weekly treatment. It left my hair tamed and bouncy all day long, with a very flowery scent. Those allergic to fragrances should be wary though! Every time I use this I feel like I stepped into a Japanese Red camellia flower garden!

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I have my eye on Japanese goodies!

I was recently in an online shop browing around and found some inexpensive shampoos and conditions from Shiseido. Now I love anything Shiseido. Do you share the same love as I do? I wanted it and I got it - the Tsubaki Shiseido treatment, shampoo and conditioner. I'll let you know how I like it when I receive them. Check out the wave of Japanese superstars that have jumped on this wagon to help advertise for their campaign


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To-be Proud owner of Dejavu (Imju) Fibrewig!!!

I ordered mine online and am pacing around, waiting anxiously until it arrives! Will post what I think about it as soon as I try it. BTW, I have short, straight lashes so if it works on me it will probably work on anybody's lashes. Stay put....

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I can't help it!

Why is it that us women require sooo many tools to look the way we do? And I admit some days even after hours of preparation for a big night out, I still don't appreciate the end result. What I do want and it seems I am behind on the trend again; are makeup brushes. I don't mean the ones that you get with "Gift with purchase", but the ones that make you feel like a makeup-pro.

I have been eyeing and searching for some brushes that supposedly all women should have. Alot of people have their opinions and special preferences but all seem to like the Sonia Kashuk brushes because they are like 1/3 of what you would normally pay for brushes!

But poor me, I live in the Netherlands and cannot get all these fabulous things I read about. Well if anyone knows where I can get good but cheap brushes in Holland, please please drop me a line!

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Constant craving

I think I'm the only one on this earth who hasn't gotten the Robin Thicke CD. We also get the music a little later than North America over here so please excuse my lateness! His new coiffure and attitude is quite Timberlake. Remember it used to be Brian Adams and Chris Isaak? Now it's Thicke and Timberlake.

The price here for a CD is ridiculous! I can only listen to a friend's copy for now.....


Special du jour

I want the Dejavu (imju) fibrewig mascara; along with every other technologically advanced gadget, makeup from Japan!

What else does everyone buy that come from Japan?


I didn't cave in for the MAC #187 eventhough it applies powders and liquids ever so lightly! I did drop by one of 2 MAC counters in Amsterdam - in the Bijenkorf.

The makeup artist tested Emote on me with 187 (what were the chances?) and it looked so subtle. Anything that gives me chiseled cheek bones and I'm in!

There was a sign on the counter that said (in dutch): there are currently no sales or coupons available at MAC. Please correct me if I'm wrong, does MAC ever go on sale?