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I want MAC Sweet Sienna - Anyone tried this yet?

The new item on my wish list and must have is the new MAC pigment; part of the Antiquitease collection. It's called Sweet Sienna and it supposedly is a dirty brown with grey pearl. Doesn't that sound delicious already?

This particular one seems like such a great idea for the holidays with all the plush lush fabrics we will all be wearing! Just imagine how great this will still look the day after the parties and it is all smudged and sexy looking! I've gotta give this a try.

On MAC's Smoke Signals Emote Blush

picture from maccosmetics.com

Pic credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kathrynpinder/380759756/

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what this looks like on skin yet? I've seen the picture on mac online but can't tell what it really looks like...

Izar said...

Here's a post from Makeupbag.net: link. You can actually see photos of the pigment still sitting in the vial, pressed into a pot, and applied to skin. Hope that helps! :-)