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I have my eye on Japanese goodies!

I was recently in an online shop browing around and found some inexpensive shampoos and conditions from Shiseido. Now I love anything Shiseido. Do you share the same love as I do? I wanted it and I got it - the Tsubaki Shiseido treatment, shampoo and conditioner. I'll let you know how I like it when I receive them. Check out the wave of Japanese superstars that have jumped on this wagon to help advertise for their campaign


Pic credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fotoleh/370677901/

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Anonymous said...

I am thinking about buying these products also. What website did you buy them at? Have you ever tried the Kao Asience hair products? Please e-mail me at: audiboy2006@aim.com


Grayburn said...

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for dropping by and I'm happy to hear that we are interested in the same things! I have tried other Kao lines but not the Asience one. I have heard pretty good comments about it though from other people so it may be worth a try? I have emailed you the details of where I shop online...hope you enjoy it and pls share with us how you find it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Grayburn,
I just checked the website that you told me where you bought it and I dont see it on there anymore! They only have their new one that is the Golden Repair in the white bottle but they don't sell the red bottle anymore! If you find another website that sells it, please let me know! Please e-mail me at: audiboy2006@aim.com

P.S. I sure hope we can find it!

AiCa said...

hello, if u still cant find sellers for tsubaki, please contact me (aicandyaffaire@gmail.com). I can get some other japan imported cosmetics too. Cheers!