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Spring Reds - Sweetly Sensual

Another Spring '09 makeup release that I simply must get my hands on is from Nars' Cosmetics. The campaign image features model Guinevere van Seenus (who also appeared in his campaign for 2005) loving it in red. Her pale skin looks even more flawless against the red hues in Francois Nars' Spring 2009 Collection. To the question "Why red" (mind you, red is a very difficult color to wear on cheeks and especially around the eyes) which Nars answered "Why not? It makes blue and green eyes become brighter and it brings out the hazel in brown eyes. Apply it by itself or in combination with a pearly white shadow or simple black line." The red he is referring to here is the new Grenadines eyeshadow.

Aside from the piercing red, the collection also includes the new Multple Bronzer (4 different shades) for light to dark skintones. What's new is that these are cream-to-powder matte and infused with anti-oxidants. And I simply must also have the blush duo in Hungry Heart (seen on models below at the Chris Benz Spring 2009 show). There are days when a girl just want to have a 'quiet' face. And I believe this blush duo will give just the right sparkle and sculpt to liven up a bare but there face.
How to recreate the look above -

Eyes: Lips: Above look seen at Philip Lim Spring '09 show described as the "National Geographic" look that balances the dark and the innocent with a touch of what Lim refers to as "violent romanticism". The result is beautiful. By using the same eye-color liner on the lower lashline and a black liner on the top lashline, the eyes take to stage front. The finishing touch is the new Shringar lipstick, applied carefree with fingers.

How to achieve the look above -


  • Apply NARS Concealer as needed, to cover any imperfections
  • Apply NARS Firming Foundation only if needed, to keep a clear base
  • Use NARS Multiple Bronzer in Cap Vert over entire face to tan
  • Apply NARS Multiple in Orgasm over cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin
  • Layer NARS Blush in Zen to create a dusty look
  • Finish with a minimal amount of NARS Loose Powder to set the base
Eyes: Lips:
Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), narscosmetics.com

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Lily said...

thank you for your advice. i'm getting through it day by day. it isn't getting any easier but hopefully it will start to. it's very hard to resist urges to talk to him, but i can feel myself getting stronger even though i still miss him horribly.

La Belette Rouge said...

I have never had much luck with using Nars multiples. I own three and I just feel like the only thing I do well with them is for a highlighter. My favorite Nars products are Orgasm blush and All about Eve shadow duo. Love them.

The Seeker said...

Thank you so much for all this information, my dear.

I love red lips ;)


Anonymous said...

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Opé - Style Artist said...

I love red on the eyes I normally use it under eye but I will try it like you mentioned.

shopinchic said...

I love the look of bold red lips(a la Gwen Stefani), but I never ever really thought of red eye makeup.
But those makeup looks are very wearable. Thanks for the tips.