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Backstage at the Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashoin Awards 2008

This was the red carpet laid out in front of the Beurs van Berlage for the Dutch Fashion Awards 2008 before the crowds arrived. I took a few steps on it when it was empty, imagined flashing cameras and headed for backstage.
As soon as I entered the main hall where the stage was situated, I was mesmerized by the beautiful dangling center stage lights and the shiny black stage. People were running around but focused on their tasks at hand. But most everyone had a smile on their faces, except for one catering staff who was hogging the drinks.

The backstage door swung open and the air that hit me was a concoction of lighter fluids that heated metal containers at the buffet, hairspray (a combination of Sebastian Shaper Plus and Elnett), and puffs of steam. At an hour or so before the show, the vibe here was relaxed yet hard at work. I headed straight for the lights; where the makeup/hair area should hopefully be. I seemed to have arrived at a good moment as models' hair were being finished and foundation has just been set with powder. Perfect timing! For me, the fun starts when the eyeshadow goes on.

I love this look above. A white base is applied over one eye before the makeup artist applied a color on top of it. Whisper soft, the skin is left bare, contoured only with highlighters

This second look is grown-up and sophisticated. Darkening the crease is the focus here.

Designer Mada van Gaans pictured above, applying finishing touches.

Models getting into character and in mood with the designs.

This was a gorgeous floor-length dress. I am crazy about the soft-sultriness of the makeup.

It took a few people to prep this Percy Irausquin dress for the runway. I will soon post photos of this dress alive on stage.

Fashion photos from the event coming soon...

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), dutchfashionawards.com

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La Belette Rouge said...

Fantastic behind the scene photos. I hope you had a fantastic time. And, hey, what kind of makeup did you do?

The Seeker said...

OMG you've been backstage and seeing the make-up do!!!!
Oh exciting! Hope you had a great time, sounds like it ;)

Great pictures my dear.


Izar said...

Mmm, I like both the black and the purple dress. They do look gorgeous, especially the black one: it's so laidback and elegant.

Oh I know exactly what you mean when you say "For me, the fun starts when the eyeshadow goes on." Applying foundation is usually a rather boring thing for me, soomething that's necessary but at the same time I wish it weren't... That I had perfect skin like some women I see on the streets. Oh well, one can dream... :-D

Wonderful report on this fabulous event! You're so lucky you could attent and even go backstage and watch the whole process most of us only get to see the results of.

I'm eager to see the rest of your photos. :)


Lily said...

wow, it looks like it was a ton of fun!

fashion herald said...

i'm fascinated by the model's hair in the first backstage shot.
and love "for me the fun starts when the eyeshadow goes on!"

Grayburn said...

the seeker, it was just fantastic! wish you were there drooling over the clothes with me!

Grayburn said...

izar, i adore the purple one also. hehe as soon as the foundation is done it is as if there is a perfect canvas to work on and the imagination kicks off! it would've been great fun to have you there too!

Grayburn said...

lily, it was absolutely fun and actually not as hectic as i thought it would be. i just had to remember to stay out of people way as they were working on a schedule.

Grayburn said...

fashion herald, that hair was so cool. the pinning and tucking under is done so neatly that it gives the illusion of bangs. applying foundation can be so boring at times..slapping camouflage on like painting a wall and then powder...zzzz!

Opé - Style Artist said...