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Congratulations To Monique van Heist

Monique van Heist, the winner of the Dutch Fashion Awards 2008 showed us a preview of her upcoming collection, "Hello Fashion". In this collection, she hopes to challenge the constraints on fashion each of the four seasons have . My feeling is that blurring the boundary between male and female shapes, whilst also combining prominent forms with softer ones, makes her concepts a standout and unique.

Notice the back detail of the outfit in the background?

Side-swept hair softens the boldness of the dress.

For some reason, I adore this color. It is not quite a nude but somehow pops.

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), moniquevanheist.com

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fashion herald said...

exactly, i love that color too. and i like her choice of models, some beautiful and healthy looking girls.

The Seeker said...

Some very interesting details.
That colour is realy nice.

My weekend went well, dear, hope you also had a resting one.



Grayburn said...

fashion harald,
Good point, models are also affected by lack of sleep etc. but these girls look well rested. I am glad to see that they remain natural looking with undone hair.