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A Shot At Cream-To-Powder Eyeshadow

Half the battle with wearing eyeshadow is getting them to stay put. While I have spent much of my time playing with different methods of applying long lasting eye makeup, I would rather to have spent that time discovering and playing with different colors.

My road along this journey has been a fun one actually. I have met quite a few candidates that claimed to be 'the one' but soon fell short and left me teary with shadow under my eyes. However, there is definite merit to "you don't know until you give it a try!". So I sent for a couple of sample tubes of the EyezCreme from Pure Luxe Cosmetics and prayed for the best.

First off, the EyezCreme is not meant to be a primer. They are actually cream eyeshadows that make the method of 'foiling' slightly easier. They come in an assortment of 12 colors with a majority of them swaying towards nude tones. My order consisted of 3 colors (see above): Golden Sands (a cool tone gold with shimmer), Elysium (shimmery peach-copper), and Amethyst (pink-hued medium purple also with shimmer). They come in a convenient 1.5mL lipgloss tube and a doe-foot applicator.

My first impression was that they were adorable. Soon the initial high dissipated when I realized how much I dislike using a doe-foot applicator for eye makeup. Pressed on as "you don't know until you give it a try!" kept making loops in my head. The cream applied with a consistency of a whipped lotion and did not dry to a powdery finish as anticipated. The lotion did not dry nearly quickly enough for my short attention span. The color went on quite vibrantly however, but became sheer and lost its initial oomph too soon. Sounds a little dissapointing yes? I don't think I will give up just yet. I gather these little tubes are convenient for traveling and for when I want to quickly dab on a little wash of color without having any tools close at hand.

What have you tried to get your colors to stay put on your eyes?

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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La Belette Rouge said...

I use Urban Decays eyeshadow primer when I need eyeshadow longevity--and it really works.

Grayburn said...

La Belette Rouge, this seems to everyone's fav primer. I would love to use it but I am angry at the shape of the bottle and I can't be bothered to cut it open!

Izar said...

Oooh, great review! I've been eyeing these too, but I think I'll stick to their powder shadows and use their Eraser as a primer instead. That one is still number one on my list, though I have tried Artdeco's Eyeshadow Base too, but I wasn't that impressed. (At least, it doesn't do the things I expect from an e/s primer.)

They look lovely though, much better than I had thought they might. Oh well, I totally support your attitude, you know: so many times people don't take the time to get the best results from the things they have... :) I'm sure they'll hold up well when you just want to apply a wash of color quickly.

Take care!

P.S.: How was your weekend? (Mine was pretty good.) Has it snowed in the Netherlands yet?

The Seeker said...

Hi Grayburn my dear!!

What a great review.
My friend T showed me last sunday something similar to this, but I don't know the brand, which made me very curious....

Thank you so much sweetheart for your comment about my blogiversary.
You are part of my blog's History you were of my first readers, and you stayed with me all this time, so I thank you very much.
I love you my dear, I feel that my blog would be different if I hadn't your so kind support.
I feel a different conection with you, sweetie.

All the best, take care

Grayburn said...

Izar, A primer these cute little tubes are definitely not! the primer on the top of my pick is still the paint pots from MAC's N collection (soft ocre & groundwork). Every shadow sticks like nothing else on them and don't require much to do its job.

I had a busy but really fun weekend. It was so looovely when it snowed here a week ago and I wished I was out taking pictures. Did you grab some pics?

luv, Grayburn

Izar said...

Hi! Reading back what I wrote yesterday I now see that it was very ambiguous: I do know that they're not primers; what I meant was that I'll stick to using powder e/s plus the Eraser and not try these after all. Sorry! ^_^

I couldn't help but giggle when I read the first sentence in your reply, btw: it was in Yodish. If you've ever watched Star Wars you might have noticed Yoda's strange way of speaking called Fronting by linguists: he places the Object (and everything else that normally follows the Predicate) at the beginning of the sentence. (Put very-very simply.) With the two guys I teach we've been examining and revisiting this phenomenon quite often and it was just so funny to come across a sentence like that here in your blog. (Maybe I'll use it as an example next time it comes up in class. :-)

Sorry about my total geekness, but my students seem to bring it out of me a lot. :-)

No, sadly I didn't take any pictures: I was too afraid my camera would get wet and suffer from the extreme drop of temperature. Maybe next time I'll be braver.

And maybe I'll just shut up now...
*grins sheepishly*


Grayburn said...

Hey Izar, I had such a laugh too looking back at what I wrote :) I adore Yoda and have days when I try to talk like him all day lol! Oh don't worry, love your 'geekness' :) and I think it's great that that is your passion.

I'll try to brave it too next time it snows with a biggg umbrella and rain jacket wrapped around my camera. I would love to take a picture with a big snowflake in the front. That will be my next challenge!

luv, Grayburn

Izar said...


That umbrella thing is a great idea, and it's so simple, now why didn't I think of that??? *bangs head into nearby wall*

I'll be looking out for signs of snow from now on. Taking some pictures of Budapest in winter would be really great. :)

The Seeker said...

Please check here I have some awards for you.

Anonymous said...

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