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Possibilities: Unknown

Day Two

Purpose: Vacation
Destination: Geneva, Switzerland
Possibilities: Unknown

As I write this, I feel a certain lightness surround me. It has been a while since I have had a vacation. It feels very different and so special blogging from an airport wifi cafe. I sit here with my miniature coffee listening to the buzzing of french being spoken around me and I can't help but feel giddy. Feel excited about the prospects of what's to come in the coming week, all of the new discoveries I will make. Discoveries that will likely leave a long lasting impression in my mind. I am in Geneva this week for a short winter getaway. Traveling wakes me up. It injects a new dose of energy back into my mind and my body.

Yesterday I wandered into a shop selling beauty supplies on Rue de la Confederation. The shop was about to close so I had to literally run through it. I am so excited because I spotted beauty brands that I have either wanted to try for a long time, or ones that I have never heard of. I am also elated at the thought of filling up with cheese fondue and Swiss chocolate. And what about seeing the Alps! I will hopefully have the fortune of seeing glacier for the first time in my life. When I am done here, I am crossing over to the French border and who knows what else is in store for me.

Any recommendations for what a newbie should do and see in Geneve?

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Leigh said...

I've never been so I have no recommendations, but have fun and take lots of pictures :) I'm totally jealous.

La Belette Rouge said...

I have never been and like Leigh I want you to take a lot of pictures and eat a lot of fondue on my behalf. I would so love to go to Switzerland. Lucky you!!!

The Seeker said...

How great, my dear friend!!!!
Hope you'll have a soooooooo enjoyable and funny time.
Rest a lot and take many pictures to show us.
Since I have never been there that's my recommendation....

All the best, sweetie

fashion herald said...

oh, I wish I could help you, but no, never been to Geneva. You're so right, traveling is invigorating. it's been too long! Enjoy your trip!