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Christmas Is Coming

It will likely be a personal challenge for our Christmas dinner this year. Not only will I be responsible for the turkey (which I have never made before), I will have to look presentable after having been cooking for the entire day. I have never figured out how other people do it. How do they manage to cook an entire meal for their guests and come out of the kitchen with every hair in place and not a single spot of oil on their skin? I wish I knew their secret.

If all goes well, the following will be make up my festive look. I pray for no first-timer diasters and that I will have enough time to pull this together. Knowing my luck though, I will likely walk out of the kitchen with parsley in my hair and makeup migrated half way down my face.

Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette

This is an elegant palette that is easy to use. I know that it will be hard to mess up with its colors so beautifully combined. The texture of each of the colors makes it even more foolproof to use.

And look, it has a great big mirror and the blush is large enough to dip a brush in without messing up other colors!

Makeup Forever Glitter in Black

I will be creating a line along the upper lashes with this beautiful glitter with very fine dusty texture. It will instantly glam up any makeup look.

Bobbi Brown Beige Shimmer Brick Compact

Because I will be wearing stronger colors on the eyes, a pale color with a bit of glow on my cheeks is called for. This one is really lovely and possibly one of the best glow-getter I have tried. It gives a believable glow that does not go glittery, greasy and stays where you put it. This is the perfect universal compact that is the secret to that 'candle-lit' glow which is so flattering.

Tip: Use your brush to pick up either the darkest parts, lightest parts, or all mixed together to vary the depth of glow on your skin.

So I am anxious to find out what you will be doing for Christmas. Please do tell!

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), photo of Barbara Stanwyck from style.com

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The Seeker said...

My lovely G* I hope that your kitchen introsun will go for the best and that your turquey will be tasty and roasty. You'll do it very well dear!!!!

Well, since it's just me and Hubby and I'm vegetarian, so turquey is not a thought for me I've ordered some with stuff for Hubby and I'll make something with soya for me.

This year I'm not doing much in kitchen, I'm working even on 31, so we decided that we would ask for things at the place we usually lunch.

And I'm also buying some desserts just for the day, because I can't eat them and Hubby is diabetic.

Do you think smoky eyes would look nice on me?
And how do one does them????

Luv my dear~


La Belette Rouge said...

We are going to my mother's. And, I will be wearing my new Dior Foundation applied with my new MAC brush that I am very excited about. I am mixing the Dior with the MAC strobe cream. I am hoping to have my Vanilla pigment in time for Christmas. I am going to go with faux lashes with a black liner and a strong red mouth.

I hope you have a very beautiful Christmas.