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Travel & Skincare

Looking at my stash of skincare products, I realized that most of the items are from Japanese or French companies. It is not that I discriminate because I do equally enjoy products from Burt's Bees (started 1984 in Maine), MAC (1985 in Ontario), Neutrogena (1930 in Los Angeles, not in Norway!), and many more. But since Japanese skincare products tend to be light and hydrating, and, French ones tend to be rich and nourishing, it is simple to address different needs of my skin during different times of the year.

I love to take a moment to relax on the couch or lay down for a moment with a facial treatment. I know that I look silly when I do this twice weekly (BFOG tells me so), but I treasure this time to unwind and feel happy that I am feeding my facial skin.

When I get the chance to travel, I opt to bring products that have smart packaging (spillproof, one-time use and not bulky). For my visit in Switzerland, I packed my bags with these hydrating eye patches from Biore. They are very handy because a box comes with 6 packets each containing a pair of patches. They peel back to reveal a sticky gelatine-like side and the patches are shaped to fit the contour of the eyes as well.

Once placed around the eyes the gel patches feel cooling and refreshing on the undereye area. I believe that the patches are even suitable to be worn overnight. I have tested both leaving the patches on for about 20 minutes, and overnight; both yielded the same results. There is no detectable scent to the patches and once removed, they left the undereye area smoother and softer; though the result did not last. Now I have tried many eye patch treatments from different companies. While I do like them for travelling, I generally prefer creamy treatments at home because I feel that the ingredients penetrate better. To sum up, these are pretty good. They are cheaper than others I have tried (such as Chanel or Clinique) and, are equally good.

A Review of Another Biore Product

The Beauty Bowl 2008

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