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The Beauty Bowl 2008

This was a painful challenge for me; someone who knows zilch about American football, to be invited to write a Superbowl-themed beauty article. However, I thank Nancy from Beauty411 for this great idea because this is something I would not have otherwise done by myself. I have learned quite a bit from this and I actually found that Superbowl can be quite a beauty-full event!

My research on this game brought me to learn about some scary as well as intriguing facts about the Superbowl. I learnt that alot of men actually "change colors" and many women become what's called "Superbowl widows". Some men apparently forget to talk to their women during this time or try too hard to explain the game to them even when they are not interested. So why do us women put up with this and why has this been allowed to carry on for so long? It is because women really are smarter. We are the ones who always make the best out of any situation. We forgive and see the bigger picture (that we can use this as a leverage at a later stage). It doesn't hurt that there will be men running around in tights and a chance to see the premier airing of Justin Timberlake's (who did his own stunts) commercial on TV. So are you ready?

Here are some quotes that came from football coaches. There is no questioning that what they said is true, but here are my interpretations as a beauty blogger.

Quote I

"One player was lost because he broke his nose. How do you go about getting a nose in condition for football?" (1966 Darrell Royal, Texas football coach)

The problem that we have with the skin on our noses is that the pores are larger and that blackheads are more visible in this area. My advice and answer to Mr. Royal's question is not to use those little pore strips designed for our noses (originally brought to the market by a company called Biore). The fact is that these strips hurt when removed (like pulling off a very sticky bandaid) and we never want to subject our skin to pulling or tearing. The best way to remove blackheads and to make our pores look more refined is to use a chemical exfoliant.

My Choice - Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

Quote II

"If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm." (Vince Lombardi)

There are many products out there that claim and promise the world. You know the ones I'm talking about. I'm sure you still have many of them in the back of your beauty cabinet or have tossed them out. There is one product that comes to mind that not only doesn't fire me up with enthusiasm (other than the enthusiasm to write about it), but I have happily dismissed with enthusiasm from my beauty stash. This company does make some good products, however this one just didn't make the cut.

Fired! - Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Nail Strengthener

Quote III

"Go big. That's a reference to doing a big jump and catching big air, but it applies to everyday life, too. I talk about the importance of going big in whatever you do. Don't do it halfway." (Kristen Ulmer)

Ms. Ulmer definitely is right on this. I don't know if she knew that this applies to skincare as well. A good skincare regime is one that you enjoy using everyday and is suitable for your skin type. The advice about not to do anything halfway is essential here. Not removing your makeup at night is a half-hearted skincare practice. The bare essentials of a good skincare regime include a broad spectrum sunscreen that screens UVA and UVB, a booster or serum, a facial treatment/mask, a separate moisturizer for day and one for night-time, an eye cream/gel, and a good cleanser (I talk about my search for the right facial cleanser here). There is a common misconception that you have to choose products from the same brand or series. My advice is to have some fun and experiment. With enough time and experimentation, you will find the right combination of products best suited for you.

Go Big! - Try out lots of different skincare products!

Quote IV

"A successful leader has to be innovative. If you're not one step ahead of the crowd, you'll soon be a step behind everyone else." (Tom Landry, NFL coach)

I most definitely agree with this comment from Mr. Landry. This describes the cosmetic industry very well from my perspective. We all have our favorite beauty brand that has proved itself time after time. However, I find that it is important that a favorite brand continues to stay abreast with the latest trustworthy research findings. This is not to say that the brand must always join the hype, but it must use the opportunity to re-examine their products; to see if they continue to meet changing standards and demands.

I commemorate Ren for being one of the first few companies who believe in being "green" . They have reliably and steadily helped many of us keep our skin healthy and their products are always a pleasure to use. They also boasts some of the best and cleanest product packaging known to me.

A brand that is a step ahead of the crowd - Ren Skincare

I hope you have enjoyed reading my take on the Superbowl. Please share any thoughts you may have about my interpretations. Also, be sure to visit the other players in the Beauty Bowl Lineup:

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  • Thanks for reading!

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    Roxy said...

    Yea for REN!!! I completely agree with you, one of my all-time favorites and has been for several years. There's NOTHING I've tried from them that I haven't liked ... everything they make is fab! Thanks such a great post - love those quotes too!!!!

    The Seeker said...

    How nice!
    Amusing and informative. I think you did a great job.

    I'll check the others.


    Beauty411 said...

    What a fab post! I loved how your tied in the quotes. Agree with you on Ren--I have a review coming up!

    Delphine said...

    Great job!! very entertaining post!


    best wishes,

    Anonymous said...

    I vote for Elemis too!

    Grayburn said...

    Thanks ladies! I really had so much fun doing this which was surprising because I knew nothing about football!

    lots of luv,