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Spree Vs. Steal! Luxuries on a Budget.

The desire to try many many beauty/cosmetic products can leave our wallets feeling pretty empty and wear out the strip on the back of our credit cards. But don't worry, there are some pretty good alternatives made by budget brands. These "Steal" alternatives all have a popular following and have stood the test of time.

by Terry Light Expert Foundation Brush

Brush Foundation

Chanel Teint Universel

Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect
Anti-fatique Foundation

SpaceNK Spa Seeweed line

The Body Shop Seeweed line

Skinceuticals Retinol 1.0

RoC Retin-Ox Serum Max Plus

MAC N Collection

H&M Eye shadow palette in Evening Sand

Creme de la Mer Moisturizing Cream

Nivea Creme

Bumble & Bumble Hair Powders

Pssssssssst Instant Spray Shampoo

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The Seeker said...

How nice of you to tell us how to be less expensive.
And the products look great...
I really love that H&M Eye shadow palette in Evening Sand.


Grayburn said...

Hello seeker!
I just can't seem to resist buying makeup from them; I guess because of the prices and the colors. They're fun and really not bad considering what I pay for them! Do you have H&M makeup where you are?

Thanks for dropping by dear!


The Seeker said...

Unfortunately we don’t have H&M here. Just in some cities bigger than mine.
I only get some things from H&M when I go to the mainland, more precisely in Lisbon.
But it’s a pity :(

You’re so sweet dear, telling those nice things on my blog, I feel flattered.

About those Samsonite luggages I feel like you, and I even was to tell that in the post, but I thought it could shock some people.
But I really didn’t want to have one of those because they’re scary, principally the white one.

The festivities went really well according to some people. I didn’t see those dances, I’ve been most of the time at home. My husband despite his fantastic humour doesn’t like to be in those crowd places and me neither. It seems that we are going to suffocate.

Take care darling


Izar said...

Once again, news of my fav brand Bourjois have reached me through your blog before anything else! I've never seen that brush foundation before.

Oh, and I've awarded you with a "You Make My Day Award": read more about it (and about yourself) in my recent post. ^_^

the Muse said...

I'm so curious about the BJ Foundation stick!

Kyle said...

hey grayburn,
I continue to wonder when I see your reviews on all of these products, do you actually finish a bottle? lol

You seem to have so many products, do you actually use the whole bottle of each?

Grayburn said...

Kyle...That's true, I don't often reach the bottom of the jar but when I do, I know that the product had been a success! It really is an obsession of mine to try many skincare/makeup products and I'm so glad that I have a blog to document all of my discoveries :)

How are things with you? Hope you had a nice weekend :)

x Grayburn

Kyle said...

hey grayburn

i've been good lately, how about you?
the weather here as been nice and mild for the past few days, so that's a relief from the 95 degree days that we were having about 2 weeks ago!

If you would like to check them out, i'm adding two more reviews on my blog today. i finally get to catch up on them!