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Outstanding Women

What a better way to sum up the week of hard work than to smile about being awarded the "You Make My Day Award" by 3 very special ladies. Their gorgeousness is intoxicating and their positive attitudes infectious. They are (in no particular order) The Seeker, Izar and Vanessa. I will tell you more about each one of them below and share with you the other fantastichicas I am nominating for my own "You Make My Day Award". I soak up every word from their blogs everyday!

The Seeker - For inspiring me everyday with her fashion sense and her brains! She also has an intriguing sense with colors and shapes. I look forward each day to see what she's wearing

Izar - For her keen artistic-ality and for being such a whole-hearted person. She shares with us a glimpse into her life with her discoveries, trials and happiness.

Vanessa - For always sharing with us her makeup hauls and the latest news in the cosmetics world. She has a special talent in photography and is someone who is so damn good with that eyeliner (the best I have ever seen)!

The Muse - For always keeping me up to date on cute and pretty makeup. She is warm and her bright smile helps me start everyday positively!

PJ - She never fails to bring us news from the best cosmetics out there. Her blog is like bread and butter to me! She is sincere and courteous and never misses the opportunity to connect with her readers.

Annieytown - For her dish everyday on iconic beauty items that keep me wanting and going back for more! She has a 6th-sense when it comes to what's beautiful and her wittiness often puts a smile on my face!

Jackie & Hillary - For their no-nonsense advice on beauty. I have come to trust their opinion. I am there everyday to see what I need and do not need in my makeup cabinet!

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The Seeker said...

Thank you so much sweetheart, for the award and your nice words.
You made my day!!
Today I had a not so easy working day, and I’m feeling tired and stressed, but you putted a big smile on my face.
I’m so grateful, thank you again for all your support.

Love ***

Vanessa said...

Thank you lovely! You are so sweet, I hope you have a great weekend as well!

Are you getting anything from Fafi?

the Muse said...

*MWAH* Grayburn thanks for always brightening my blog with your lovely comments!

I'm flattered you picked me and my blog for the award!


Izar said...

I'm moved by your words; thank you so much for being a dear friend!

Grayburn said...

Hey Girls!

So glad to have stumbled across such a fine group of friends online. You are all truly amazing and a cut above all others!

Keep up all the good work and thanks for being unique and beautiful!