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My Favorite Mascara has a Partner

I stopped my search for my ultimate mascara last year when I found the Imju (it's called Dejavu in the US) Fiberwig Mascara. Now you must have heard me talk about this mascara many times. So I won't bore you with more details about how wonderful it is.

The smaller mascara that you see here next to my Fiberwig is it's cuter partner called "Tiny Sniper". The smaller brush and its bent shape allows easier application of mascara to lower lashes. It lessens the risk of me poking my eyes out or accidentally smearing mascara on my lower lids. It is definitely alot easier to work with because of the angled narrow brush. Just like its bigger sister though, the "tiny sniper" is made with the same genius formula that I have found to be totally element-proof. For me, element-proof means that it withstands outdoor activities in cold and warm weather (i.e. shopping on a crowded Saturday afternoon) and indoors as well (i.e. discotheque, and exercising). I will bring them both for a swim this summer when I hit the beaches!

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The Seeker said...

I think that the "Tiny Sniper" was great for me. The brush form seems so great to use.
I don't know if we have it here, but I think I'm going to search for it.


Grayburn said...

You can buy them online as well which is what I did. Email me if you're interested and I can let you know where to get them :)

Bye for now!

the Muse said...

i just can't love fiberwig. I dunno why but it doesn't work for me at all :P

Grayburn said...

Hey Muse!

It took me alot of practice at first but after being very patient at perfecting the zig-zag and straight up technique, my lashes have never looked better! I also wipe the wand before each use as the formula can be quite wet.

Hope it helps!