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When A Fashion Trend Collides With Cosmetics

Do we all know who McDreamy is? His other and real name is Patrick Dempsey. His wife, Jillian Dempsey and the former brains behind Delux cosmetics (a brand favorite of Kristin Davis, of Sex in the City), has recently designed 2 blush compacts for Avon.

These 2 blushes are wonderfully now, for two main reasons. The blushes home in on the trend of the season: tie-dyed clothing (don't say or think "uggh" just yet!) . Second, they come in vivid colors of fuchsia and coral. If you look closely, you'll notice that the color of the blushes gradually go from dark to lighter from left to right (reminiscent of the tie-dye effect). This gives us so much more freedom to customize and adjust the color as we like.

Avon's Pink Horizon does remind me of one of my favorite blushes from The Body Shop , called Solar Duo Blush (LE 2007) in Radiant Pink. This is such a favorite of mine because it gives great luminosity and flush of color to the skin when used mixed. Mixing is achieved by swirling a brush to grab equal amounts of both the darker and the lighter colors. And when the colors are used individually, the darker color acts as the cheek color (applied to the apples of your cheeks), and the lighter color performs as a matching highlighter (applied to the top of your cheek bones). Both Avon's and The Body Shop's are so pretty to look at, as well as being functional (sadly, The Body Shop's is no longer available).

Out of curiosity, do you like the use of tie-dye in haute-couture?

Credits: Grayburn
Photos: Grayburn, Avon, Louis Vuitton,
Alexander McQueen,

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Kate Monoi said...

Tie-dye...nah not sure about it! The blushes are beautiful though :)

Vanessa said...

I love, love, love AVON! I saw those blushes the other day and they weren't available on the website yet but I can't wait! I bought their slimshine lookalikes so I hope they are similar!

The Seeker said...

The blushes are so nice, and as you said one can customize it.
I like some pieces of tie-dye, but they should work well, not all tie-dye is cute.