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Final Thoughts on MAC's N Collection

It seems like it was so long ago that MAC's N Collection came out. MAC cosmetics is a seriously wonderful company that constantly works to put out new and exciting products. With so many collections out each year, it can be both fun and difficult to keep up. By the way, did we all know that MAC was founded in Toronto, Canada? Oh Canada!

Anyway, I promised to let you know what I really thought of the N Collection after I had put them to the test. These are not all of the items in their collection but they are the ones that I got.

Eye shadows:
Nanogold - There was alot of talk everywhere on the internet about this one. Although it is not a LE (limited edition) item, this is the one shadow that pretty much everyone said not to miss. It is a light yellow beige shadow with a duochrome finish of pink and peach. The fine shimmer is both gold and pink. It's a great brightener for your eyes and is slightly warmer than most highlighters I've seen.

Neutral Pink - Exactly as the name implies, it is a neutral shade of pink that is very easy for pretty much anyone to wear. It is a satin formula which means it has a slight sheen to it. So versatile because it is not so warm that it looks like you have been rubbing your eyes too much, nor too cool (pasty).

Rich Flesh - A LE shadow from MAC, this is the perfect mid-tone brown for deepening the crease. Just like what browns are supposed to be, Rich Flesh is warm without being too grey or orangey. It is a matte formula which means it works well as a frame for other wonderful shimmers or colors you may be wearing next to it.

Paint Pots:
Groundwork - Not drying whatsoever on the lids, its creamy texture went on my lids and stayed on through a full day of shopping, cooking and house chores. I use this one as a base whenever I want to wear smoky eyes without having to do layers upon layers of building up of shadows.

Soft Ochre - This is my true love when it comes to paint pots! Like a great pair of great panties that don't show through my clothes, this is an essential product for my eyeshadows to build on and to stick to. This is MAC's creamier version of Urban Decay's Primer Potion (which I know many many many of you love!). But I think MAC had us girls with yellow-undertone in mind when they made this one! This one has no shimmer in it whatsoever.

Last but not least:
The 3N lipstick - All I have to say is that I bought 2 tubes of this! I left this one for the end of the post because I think this is the best item from the collection. I am mostly about nude lips alot of the times because it is the easiest look to pull off. It is truly the perfect nude-pink lipstick. I was at the MAC counter comparing this to their other lipsticks (for when I will need a replacement in the future). There really is none other like it, so do grab one or three for yourself before they're totally gone!

Information on MAC Cosmetics can be found at: www.maccosmetics.com

Credits: Grayburn

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Anonymous said...

that 3N is really peaking my interest. is there another alternative from other brands?


The Seeker said...

Oh, I just loved the Eye shadows and off course the 3N lipstick.
They all seem great.

I'm starting to feel confused :(
You're showing so many things I'm beginning to be interested that I just don't know what to look.

I think you probably have to advice me what to look when I’ll go at mainland.

About those little towels from Nivea Visage they’re a kind of Kleenex towels enriched with face cleanser with Hydramine and Aloe Vera that I pass on my face to clean it.
And I like that Diadermine, I think when I use it my skin feels smother.
Keep doing the good work dear.


Kate Monoi said...

I like the colors this time from mac. usually i find their colors a little too loud but this is neutral and easy to wear.

Thanks for sharing this with us and lovely blog!


Seymone said...

I love the N Collection. I am visiting Amsterdam in a month. What is the weather like?

BTW, nice blog..

Grayburn said...

I honestly haven't seen another one like it yet although Nars and Armani are said to have very nice nude lippies. When I find an alternative, you will be sure to find out here!

Lovely seeker!
Nice to hear from you :) I really seldom go out and purchase almost the whole collection from MAC but this time I just had to. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll be so happy to help you put together a list of things to try! I'm really thinking of using Nivea's cleanser again just because it is a nice basic one (which during my modeling days, the makeup artists often used on me). I'm interested about Diaderme as well.

Thanks Kate Monoi!
Which colors (if any) did you get from the collection?

Hi Seymone,
The weather in march will probably be chilly and damp. Be sure to bring a good jacket with a hoodie (because umbrellas do not hold up in this wind!).


' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

i love 3N too! i passed it over the first time i checked out the N collection. Then I saw a swatch on another blog and decided to give it a try, and i'm glad it did :) its the first nude lippie that has ever shown on my pigmented lips without looking cakey. most just don't show up on my lips :S