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New Palettes You Will Not Be Able To Resist. Get them before they are gone!

Look at what is in store for us! All limited edition so be sure to get yours before they are all snapped up - and then you will have to ebay them!

Givenchy Powder & Cream Eyeshadow Quartet

Guerlain Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Eyeshadow (Fleur De Feu)

Chantecaille Protected Paradise Eye Shdow (3% of proceeds will be donated to Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation)

The Body Shop Blushing Daisies blusher

Shiseido The Makeup Muli-shade Enhancer

YSL Palette Pop Collector Powder For Face and Cheeks

Dior Flower Blossom limited-edition Floral Illuminating Powders for Face

Revlon A Floral Affair Sheer Powder Blush

No7 Tropical Eyes Limited Edition Eyeshadow Compact

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Beauty411 said...

I absolutely love how cosmetic companies are incorporating designs into their compacts, don't you? Beautiful as well as functional.

The Seeker said...

Oh dear, such beautiful stuff with all those designs.
I think it's a piece to keep not to use.
I love the Guerlain Fleur De Feu.
Don't think that I can get one... I'm not seeing a store here that could have them :(
Just maybe in the mainland...


Anonymous said...

Lovely Chantecaille! Do you know how much this is?

Enjoy reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

One vote for the cute little daisies from body shop :)

Grayburn said...

Hey Beauty411,
Thanks again for organizing the beautybowl, I had such great time doing it!

Hey seeker,
I know I was salivating when I saw the one from Guerlain as well! It is so feminine and classy. I think maybe you could purchase it online. I'll let you know if I see it :)

Thanks very much for dropping by and for voting for your favorite!

Yeah the body shop one is fun and not that expensive which is just perfect!

Lots of luv,

yumegokochi said...

Hi Grayburn, it's me yumegokochi again. Would like to ask you if you have any good brands selling liquid/cream base eyeshadows to recommend or not?

And how about blog an update on "idiots on drawing eyeliners"? I have some prob as to how should I draw my eyes with light/bright colors or dark clrs... as I have fierce looking eyes... ( >.<" )

Grayburn said...

Hey yumegokochi!
Nice to talk to you again! The best liquid/cream shadows in my opinion are the ones from MAC. The reason is that they are all good quality, comes in wonderful choices of colors and different formulas (shadestick, paint pot, paint, cream color base).

Ooh eyeliners for fierce looking eyes can be so much fun! Thanks for the suggestion for posting about eyeliners. I will surely do that soon :)

Talk soon!

yumegokochi said...

I see~ coz I am still revolving between Shiseido's Hydro eye shadows or MAC's liquid eye shadows.

I saw your post of the eyeliners Part 1. Thanx~ the info really helped.

Thanx for visiting my blog too!

Grayburn said...

Yumegokochi: Are you thinking of switching from MAC or Shiseido for any particular reasons? I'll be posting on the different techniques soon. If you have any questions, pls feel free to ask! I love reading about your quest to wavy hair!


yumegokochi said...

Currently I am usin a 'Brandless'-Made From 'Unknown' Country eye-palette, prob is they dun stay long. So it's like every now & then, I've gotta touch up. Partly coz they are powder-form & partly maybe they are brandless & cheap, so effect is equivalent to it's callin price, I guess.

From my yrs of beauty prog watchin & tailin beauty products, seems like the best I've heard on long-lastin eye color usually comes from Shiseido, M.A.C & Bobbi Brown. So that's why I think maybe I should dump my 'fantastic' set of eye palette & go for somethin more pro + long-lastin!

Abt the wavy hair... hahaha~ yes indeed it's a tough quest! I ever did perm my hair but the results really left me & my stylist jaw-droppin. After permin, my hair didn't show much effect. So my stylist washed off the perm solution off my hair. Perms started showin up REAL GORGEOUS durin the wash. From the very moment she started to blow-dry my hair, it starts turning straight! *OMG!* After blow-dry, my hair was no different from what we call "looks like you didn't perm your hair..." coz the effect didn't come out as what it should be. So we had to apply a curling solution to make the curls come out & stay on. So in the end, both me & my hair stylist feel that I've wasted money perming my stubborn hair. *keke*

Juliakiev said...

WOW! Waiting for one of this beauty at the week)