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Last of the Pictures from the Joline Jolink AIFW '08 Show

Here are my favorite looks from the Joline Jolink show. There are some looks here that I am excited about playing with this year....

The width and length of the sleeves are played with in so many ways this year. Long, 3/4, short, sleeveless and puffy. My favorite is the one-piece body suit without sleeves. How I will get it to stay up is a different issue but imagine how easy it is to not have to match what we wear on the top and bottom anymore?

I will definitely be investing in one of 'em one-piece this year!

The waistline was emphasized in many different ways as well. Mostly, models walked out in high-waisted skirts and pants. This is a trend that we haven't seen for eons that I am still not sure about. Don't get me wrong, I gladly wear something cinched in at the waist but I have yet to see this look good off the runway. What do you think?

Video summary of Joline Joline AIFW '08 show

Credit: S. Baldi

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The Seeker said...

I'm sorry :(
I think I'm confuse... Is this for S/S 2008 or F/W 2008/9

Anyway, I really like the waistline emphasized, and again the orange.

Thank you for your nice words and thoughts about my Goddaughter/niece surgery. You're so sweet.