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Skincare Staples Stash - Part Deux

With so many creams, lotions and potions that flood the beauty market each month, it is really hard to keep track of all of them and, to choose the best out of the bunch. I have personally even found that some products do more harm than good.

In the name of beauty, I tested out a serum that contains a vitamin A derivative. This particular formulation I tried has really done more harm than good to my skin unfortunately. My skin completely flipped out!

To nurture my skin back to its normal condition, I am relying on my trusty Anti-Aging Moisturising Elixir Cream from Alqvimia. This along with this, are the staples in my skincare stash. Not only does this cream smell amazing, the texture is extremely nurturing and comforting. I can also use this around my eyes as well so this product really is an all-purpose one.

The listed ingredients are:

Almond, hazelnut, St. John’s Wort, rosehip and wheatgerm oils; rose and orange blossom water; essential oils of lemon, orange, bois du rose, incense, myrrh and patchouli; glycolic extracts of iris and benjui, beeswax, honey, Xanthan gum, emulsifiers, natural antioxidants, preservative agent and water.

Can you see why I think it smells so heavenly? If you love essential oils and natural products as much as I do, you will totally fall in love with this cream!

Credits: Grayburn, alqvimia.com

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The Seeker said...

Oh dear, isn't it dangerouse to make that experiencies???
Fortunatly you've your "medical" cream, that brings all to normal.
I almost can smell it, reading the ingredients...
What do you think about those pills that they say it improves skin, it's anti-agging and anti-oxidant, and reafirming?