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A Sign of Spring (Things) To Come

Spring is coming soon!
You know
spring is coming when you see adverts with flowers and all the joyous colors. Things start to warm up around us and flowers "spring" up and the snow starts to melt. It comes just before the heavier and stickier summer.

YSL brought out a collection for Spring '08 very much in-tune with the lightness and ease of springtime. The carefree spirit is apparent in the very portable packaging; just toss them in your purse and you're good to go!

Here is a look at some of my favorites.

French Manicure Kit
Kit of 2 pens

Simple, no -fuss!
These seem to be a great idea for on-the-go touch-ups. A perfect clean and classic look for our nails.

YSL Eye Color Touch Water-Reistant Eye Shadow

Just use your fingers!

These will go well with my Touche-├ęclat. I've got my eyes on the #3 and #1. I will save up these wter-resistant shadows for the beach this summer.

#1 Golden Coral

#2 Steel Blue

#3 Golden Jade

#4 Glazed Brown
YSL Pop Stick Blush

The sheerest consistency; they feel like refreshing water!
These are water-based and they smell phenomenal. They felt unbelievably fresh and cool against my skin. A few twists and swipes and my cheeks were done.

Vanilla / Chocolate
#2 Strawberry / Raspberry
#3 Peach / Blackcurrant

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The Seeker said...

And what about the lips?

How to work with that "French Manicure Kit"?

Those Eye Shadows are to apply with our fingers?

Thank you for the news!


Grayburn said...

Hi Seeker,
YSL always have beautiful lipsticks. Pink seems to be everywhere for lips this spring!

The nail polishes come in a pen. So you just click on the end of the pen and the nail lacquer comes out onto the brush. Then you apply it like normal polish! Great huh?

The packaging is just great for these items. The eye shadow also comes out in their signature click-pen. You swipe it on your eyes and blend out with your fingers. I love all of these!

Have fun with them!


Izar said...

Those blushes look gorgeous! It's funny but at first glance I thought they were lipsticks. Then again, I wouldn't say no to a lipstick like that: it'd be unusual but cool. :)

I'll definitely let you know about the Alverde stuff when they become available in Hungary. I assume you have DM stores in the Netherlands then?